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Brave Momma Dog Tries to Flag Down Cars to Save Her Puppies(VIDEO)

Imagine being abandoned in the bitter cold with your defenseless puppies and realizing that your sole hope of surviving depends on the generosity of strangers. For a brave little dog that found herself in such a situation and was desperately attempting to get assistance while automobiles passed her by, this was the terrifying truth.

A worrying report of a lost dog seeking refuge in a drainpipe alongside a wintry country road was received by the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia. The rescue squad moved promptly to the scene, determined to locate her and provide assistance. They located a hole in the drainpipe by following a path left by paw tracks in the snow. When they got close enough, a lovely blue-eyed dog ran joyfully in their direction, appreciative.

Further examination led the rescuers to the conclusion that the chilly dog was carrying puppies inside the conduit. The puppies tried to leave their cozy hiding hole, but they were too terrified. They permitted her to go back to the pipe while calling her from outside in the hopes that the mother’s presence would entice them to go. She tried to lead the puppies, but they resisted since they were still afraid. Because they had no other choice, the rescuers carefully confined the mother dog to their rescue van before returning their focus to the puppies.

They tried to entice the puppies out of hiding by using food as bait, but the young ones were wary and resistant to moving. The icy conditions posed a major threat, thus time was of the key. The rescuers chose to use a shock tactic in a last-ditch effort. They eventually succeeded in coaxing the first puppy out by using a broom to assist them and one person to gently prod the puppies out from one end of the pipe. The remainder soon followed suit, joining their mother in the van’s comfort and security.

It was clear that this rescue effort had arrived just in time. The small family could not have endured the cold for very long because it got considerably colder at night. Fortunately, someone had informed the sympathetic rescuers of their situation, allowing for a prompt response. The gorgeous family was now back together and headed for a future of warmth, tenderness, and the assurance of loving forever homes. The mama dog conveyed her gratitude for the assistance she and her pups had received.

This inspiring tale of rescue serves as a reminder of the amazing goodness present in the world. There are some who are prepared to withstand the harsh temperatures in order to save the lives of the defenseless. In order to spread the message of kindness and optimism, we ask you to tell your friends about this story and enjoy its joyful ending.


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