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Soldiers Adopt Puppy In Iraq, Bring Him Home To California (VIDEO)

Military service is a profession that embodies nobility and danger. Given the constant fear and stress they endure, it is hardly surprising that veterans experience high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, there are other stressors associated with deployments, including concerns on the home front, leadership issues, and privacy deprivation, all of which contribute to the strain experienced by these brave individuals. One soldier, Ken Wyrsch, an ex-army specialist stationed in Iraq, had firsthand experience with these hardships while serving with a Kurdish unit.

However, amidst the challenges, Ken found solace in an unexpected companion. He formed a profound bond with a dog named Ollie during his deployment. Ken revealed, “He was a morale booster. He was there when we embarked on our missions and when we returned.” Ollie had become beloved by the entire unit, who had nurtured him since he was a puppy. He brought a sense of comfort and a reminder of home to the soldiers. Scientific research supports the therapeutic effects of pets. Studies have shown that interacting with a familiar animal, such as petting them, can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, regulate breathing, and relax muscle tension—all of which reduce stress.

When Ken learned that his unit would disband and the camp would be dismantled, he became concerned about Ollie’s fate. Iraq’s history with stray dogs was not friendly, as riflemen had been deployed to cull Baghdad’s canine population. Having spent considerable time in the area, Ken feared Ollie wouldn’t survive without him. “I suspect some Iraqi might use him for target practice,” he speculated. Determined not to abandon his loyal friend, Ken devised a plan to bring Ollie home.

He declared, “You don’t leave a friend behind. I can’t do it.” Ken reached out to SPCA International, informing them of Ollie’s predicament. The organization tirelessly worked to reunite the soldier with his beloved companion, arranging for Ollie’s transport from Iraq to California. Stephanie Scott of SPCA International stated, “If Ken had left and Ollie had stayed, he would have had a terrible life.”

Ken acknowledged, “This right here was thousands and thousands of donations that went into this dog. He’s a good dog. He’s worth it.” Thanks to the unwavering dedication of Ken and support from SPCA International, Ollie now has a new home with his best friend. Ollie’s heartwarming reaction to the reunion resonated with people around the world. Since their story was shared, it has garnered over 4.9 million views. The comments on the video reflect the impact of Ken’s unwavering dedication to his friend, with remarks such as “‘You don’t leave a friend behind.’ True words right here” and “Some imbeciles will say this was a waste of money!

“We who have souls know it was worth it! Heartwarming!” In a profession where sacrifice and hardship are commonplace, Ken’s commitment to his loyal companion serves as a reminder of the enduring bond between humans and animals. The story of Ken and Ollie showcases the power of friendship, compassion, and the remarkable lengths one will go to ensure the well-being of those they hold dear.

See their emotional reunion in the video below!

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