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Meet Goliath, The Adorable Baby Cow Raised With three Dogs Who Thinks He’s A Dog too (video)

Goliath and his three siblings resemble each other in many ways. All of them are soft, fluffy, and adored by the rest of their family.

The fact that Goliath is a calf as opposed to his brothers, who are all canines, is what makes him unique.

Shaylee Hubbs and her family intervened to save the helpless newborn calf and brought him home to their ranch in Danville, California. Goliath was born on a dairy farm and was about to be transported to the slaughter when Shaylee Hubbs and her family intervened.

There, Goliath quickly made friends with the three amiable family dogs. He actually formed such a strong kinship with his new brethren that he began to think of himself as nothing more than a large pup.

In an interview with ABC News, Shaylee said she’s “pretty sure” Goliath believes he’s a dog:

He grew up around our three dogs and is still around them today. They engage in games of chasing and playing together. He observes them eating their dog food and drinking from their water dishes and imitates them.

Additionally, Goliath has learned a few tricks from his canine brethren.

Goliath is supposed to stay outside the house, but when the family returned one day, Goliath was contentedly lounging inside.

Shaylee shared a picture of Goliath curled up on the family couch on Twitter. After seeing his older brother and best friend, the Great Dane Leonidas, unwind on the couch, Goliath reasoned that he should also be able to take a nap there.

Shaylee said, “We left the door open for five minutes.

Goliath is lucky because no one can resist his adorable face, and people respond to his intrusions with laughter and kindness: “If he comes inside we let him chill for a couple of minutes lmfao,” Shaylee commented in response to a comment on her post.

Goliath is currently living a pretty luxurious life. He couldn’t walk when he first arrived at the ranch because he was so small and frail, but now he’s thriving and loving life there with his three brothers and all the other animals, including the horses, alpacas, and goats, and he couldn’t be happier.


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