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FOUR PAWS heroes: How a wild horse thanks its savior (VIDEO)

The Delta Danube is a special place in Europe. It’s one of the few places where wild horses still roam freely. These majestic creatures are a sight to behold, but they face challenges. Some people see them not as beautiful animals but as a source of meat. And the methods used to catch them can be downright cruel. One sunny day, Ovidiu Rosu, a dedicated vet from the Four Paws team, made a startling discovery. He came across a wild horse that had its front legs chained together. This heart-wrenching sight was not uncommon in the area. The chains were a cruel way to prevent the horse from running away.

Imagine the fear and pain the horse must have felt, unable to move freely in its natural habitat. Knowing he had to act quickly, Ovidiu decided to tranquilize the horse. This was not only for the horse’s safety but also for his own. Once the horse was asleep, they took an extra step to ensure its comfort by covering its eyes. This simple act helps keep the horse calm. Nearby, another horse, likely its close friend, kept a watchful eye, ensuring its buddy was safe. The chains around the horse’s hooves were tight and restrictive. They forced the horse to move in an awkward hopping motion, making it easier for hunters to catch them.

These chains weren’t just uncomfortable; they were painful, potentially causing injuries to the horse’s skin and delicate joints. With determination and care, Ovidiu got to work. Using a sturdy pair of pliers, he began the meticulous process of removing the chains. The horse, though tranquilized, could feel the relief with each link removed. All around, other horses gathered, their eyes fixed on Ovidiu. Their silent presence felt like a silent chorus of thanks, appreciating the kindness shown to one of their own. As the medicine wore off, the horse began to regain consciousness. The team gently removed the cloth from its eyes, and the world came into focus. Though a bit groggy, the horse could feel the freedom it hadn’t felt in a while. It was free to run, jump, and play without the painful chains. But Ovidiu’s job wasn’t done. He and his team patiently waited, ensuring the horse was strong enough to stand and walk. Their dedication was clear; they wouldn’t leave until they were sure the horse was okay.

This rescue was more than just freeing a horse from chains. It was a symbol of hope and kindness in a world that sometimes forgets both. The horse, now free, along with its friends, seemed to express their gratitude in their own special way. Their gentle eyes and calm demeanor said it all. For those who wish to witness this touching rescue, there’s a video that beautifully captures every moment. It serves as a powerful reminder of the difference a little compassion can make in the lives of others.

Click the video below to watch the horse thank its rescuer!

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