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Texas Officers Rescue Cat Found Lounging Atop a Busy Interstate Overpass

San Antonio animal care officer holds an orange cat after saving him from ledge above highway overpass

We all know cats like to perch in high places, but one brave feline unintentionally developed a greater love of heights.

San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) received a 311 complaint on Friday informing them that a cat was stuck on a ledge above a nearby overpass. The orange cat was lying right on the edge of the extremely tall ledge when Animal Care Officer Tutak and Animal Care Sgt. Flores arrived at the scene in response to the report.

The police “approached with extreme care so as not to spook the cat into jumping from his precarious position,” according to a Facebook post from ACS, because the cat was in a highly dangerous scenario. Because of his spot of relaxation,

As evidenced by his less-than-welcoming expression in the Facebook images, Bridges wasn’t entirely sure of the police at first. However, he ultimately warmed up to them after realizing they were there to help, and eventually allowed them to pick him up and transport him to safety.

Because they were unsure of how long the adventurous cat had gone without food and drink, the cops transported “stunt devil Bridges” to an emergency room for assessment after a successful rescue. Bridges’ appointment revealed generally positive news, including the absence of any serious medical conditions other than a potential respiratory infection. The cat arrived at ACS after being discharged from the ER “for further love and care.”

According to ACS education specialist Kaitlan Helton, the organization receives calls like this frequently. This week, Bridges wasn’t by himself either. Helton claims that three “incredible cat rescues” have taken place, one of which required the removal of a manhole cover in order to save a cat from the sewer below.

Although Bridges appeared a little agitated in his rescue photographs, Helton claims the orange boy is a genuinely sweet cat who is settling in well to life in the shelter.

He’s a really sweet cat, in fact. He was obviously very agitated when we looked at the images of him on the bridge and noticed that he appeared to be a touch hissy,” Helton told Daily Paws. “When we brought him in, he opened up fully .

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