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14-Year-Old Cat Finds The Perfectt Companion To Spend Hiis Golden Yearss

A 14-year-old gray cat was taken to the Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control shelter in Maryland (United States). The cat was really lovely and approached each of the helpers with care.

The shelter employees found the cat a safe place and named him LL Cool J. He was given a comfortable bed and a peaceful place to stay while he looked for a suitable place to spend his golden years.

Her caregiver said:

“He likes to be petted and will meow as soon as he notices you. He seeks attention, headbutts, and has plenty of love to give.”

LL Cool J is a young man at heart. He adores sunbathing through the window and kneading the cushion with his paws; he appreciates people’s companionship and grows closer to them. He looks for a spot next to him as soon as he notices them approaching the recliner.

After several months in the shelter, the cat was ready for its own home, and one of the workers claimed to know just the person for the beautiful 14-year-old cat.

Apparently, the mother of the volunteer, who lives in an assisted living facility (Brightview Severna Park), was the ideal choice to be this sweet feline’s friend.

The shelter posted on its social media:

Residents of assisted living homes and their loved ones have been so affected by the epidemic that they are unable to visit, exchange a hug, or even touch. LL Cool J (now Raven) is able to live with this lady due to its pet laws, which enable tenants to keep a well-behaved vaccinated pet weighing no more than 25 pounds. It’s a win-win situation for both humans and senior animals.”

When Raven first met the woman, the link was instantaneous; he cuddled up on her lap and immediately put a smile on this grandmother’s face; they instantly connected. Raven is grateful to his human for allowing them to spend their days together.

This adorable kitty has provided his new mother a lot of joy; they both enjoy each other’s company and spend their days curled together knowing they have each other.



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