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15-year-old lion feels grass for first time (VIDEO)

Picture a world where the simple pleasure of grass underfoot is a distant dream. This was the harsh reality that Ruben, a 15-year-old lion, endured for most of his life within the confines of a concrete enclosure in a private zoo located in Armenia. When the zoo shuttered its doors, Ruben found himself abandoned, isolated, and relegated to oblivion. However, his tale takes a heartwarming twist when he is at last rescued and transported to a sanctuary in Africa. The instant he places his paws on the lush grass for the first time is nothing short of magical, a testament to the resilience of the animal spirit and the transformative power of compassion.

Ruben’s early life was far from idyllic. Born in a private zoo that ultimately ceased operations, he spent over five solitary years in his enclosure. While well-intentioned souls occasionally fed him through the bars, his existence remained confined to a stark world of concrete and metal. The absence of social interaction took a toll on him; lions, being social creatures, communicate through their mighty roars, yet when Ruben roared, there was only silence in response. The isolation became so oppressive that he eventually ceased to roar altogether. Then, the narrative takes a hopeful turn when a lion sanctuary in Africa catches wind of Ruben’s plight. Initiating a complex and challenging rescue operation, involving the collaboration of numerous organizations and the surmounting of logistical obstacles, begins. The journey to Africa encompasses a grueling 15-hour flight, and every precaution is taken to ensure Ruben’s comfort. His crate is painted white to deflect heat, and the interior is imbued with the soothing scents of lavender and feline hormones to maintain his calmness. Remarkably, the sanctuary team accompanies him on the same flight, albeit in the passenger section.

The pivotal moment arrives as Ruben sets foot in Africa. Emerging from his crate and experiencing the sensation of grass beneath his paws for the very first time, his reaction is almost contemplative. His gaze ascends to the sky, possibly for the first time unobstructed by barriers. Birds soar overhead, and the breeze gently rustles through his mane. It’s as if he’s rediscovering the world, absorbing each sight, sound, and sensation with an awe-filled wonder. Ruben’s new abode is none other than the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa, a refuge for rescued animals. Here, he is introduced to toys, possibly his inaugural playthings. The sanctuary is also home to other lions liberated from circuses and similarly dire circumstances. Ruben appears to find solace in observing his newfound companions, as if discovering a sense of community he never knew he craved. The sanctuary staff observes a profound transformation in Ruben’s demeanor. In Armenia, he was anxious and resistant to human approach, but in Africa, his defensive posture gradually melts away. He becomes more engaged, inquisitive, and seemingly happier. It’s as though the very soil of his homeland possesses a healing essence, morphing him from a defensive lion into a creature at peace with his surroundings.

Though Ruben cannot be released into the wild due to his age and health concerns, the sanctuary has thoughtfully constructed a special enclosure tailored to his needs. They are also carefully considering introducing him to a companion, recognizing that this is a slow and meticulous process. Ruben has earned the privilege to make choices about his life, a luxury he was denied for countless years. Despite enduring years of isolation and neglect, Ruben’s zest for life remains undiminished. As he rests in his new home, the wind ruffling through his mane and the sun casting its warm embrace, one can’t help but feel a profound sense of triumph. His story serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the indomitable spirit of animals and the remarkable impact that a single act of kindness can have. Ruben may have languished in darkness for years, but now he luxuriates in the light, illuminating the path for others to follow.

Check out Ruben’s full story in the video below!

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Source: GeoBeats Animals

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