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6 times more puppies are born to a dalmatian mother than expected

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians turned into a reality for a Dalmatian breeder, when her dog gave birth to an astonishing number of puppies at once.

Such a number of puppies is almost every breeder’s dream, especially if they’re all born well and healthy.

But, taking care of so many puppies is a challenge as well, especially for the doggo mother that has to nurse them all.

One dog, two dogs, three dogs, and four dogs

dalmatian dog with her puppies lying on the floor

For almost three decades, Cecilia Langton Bunkergot has bred dogs. She successfully raised many of healthy puppies. She was extremely adamant about giving her customers the best Dalmatian puppies.

She always had a strong affection for this breed, thus her business was never only for profit.

woman with her two dalmatian dogs in the park

She carefully selected a first-time mother, Miley, owned by Jade Martin, and bred her with Astro Wonder Boy because the majority of the canines from CC Dalmatians (her breeding business) became champions and show dogs.

Miley had excellent care from Cecilia and Jade during her pregnancy, including frequent check-ups with the veterinarian, when the two learned that Miley was carrying three puppies.

Like the veterinarians, both breeders were ecstatic with the news and were somewhat astonished when Miley started giving birth to the babies.

The vets counted the puppies in disbelief until there were 18 tiny Dalmatians in the room.

group of people holding dalmatian puppies in their arms

Home Of The Puppy
Jade Martin only wanted a new puppy for her daughter Lulu; she had no idea, however, that the dog would have 18 siblings.

Cecilia put the rest of them in her breeding kennel after Lulu selected her pup.

woman with dalmatian puppies on a leash

All of the pooches were examined by the vet and are in perfect health. Although it was an amazing experience, both owners jokingly said they won’t do that again to Miley, even though she’s a great mom to them.

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