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Deer makes surprise visit to famous celeb who cared for him as a baby (VIDEO)

Nature is amazing. All of us can prove this in one way or another. For some lucky people, those personal experiences testify to this statement. James Travis Tritt is a famous American country artist. In 1989, he signed to Warner Bros. Records and had been releasing hit songs ever since. It was August 2021. Tritt and his wife were hanging out while having their morning coffee when suddenly, a tiny visitor came to their home. The couple saw a fawn wandering through their porch. They immediately fell in love with him and named him Oakley. As a young fawn, Oakley required special attention. We all know that a tiny fawn like Oakley wouldn’t survive alone in the wild.

The couple didn’t know why he was alone and tried their best to search for his family. Unfortunately, they found no one. They knew Oakley would not have been able to survive on his own in the wild. Fortunately, Tritt and his wife, Theresa, fostered Oakley in their 45-acre home in Hiram, Georgia, and made a heartfelt promise that they will take care of him. How do you raise a fawn? This required the couple to do tons of research and started bottle feeding the fawn. Other than that, the two kind-hearted fosters made sure that Oakley had everything he needed, from food, water, shelter, and of course, love. Time passed, and the once little Oakley grew up. It was time to allow him to go back to his natural habitat.

This decision broke their hearts, but they wanted the best for their dear Oakley. What they didn’t expect was that after over a year, their little fawn would come back. In a heartwarming turn of events, Oakley recently surprised Travis Tritt. Tritt was calmly walking on his property when suddenly, he saw someone familiar. Apparently, Oakley snuck up to his human dad and surprised him. Good thing that Tritt was able to video the whole reunion, and you’ve guessed it, the clip went viral. In the video, we see Tritt showering Oakley with affectionate gestures and words. Amazed by his size and beauty, he lovingly acknowledged Oakley, saying, “That’s a good boy. You’re just a baby, aren’t you?” Oakley, obviously missing his human dad, reciprocates the affection by allowing Tritt to pet him. The intelligent deer then licks his arm. Their emotional connection was evident.

Oakley’s story showcases animals’ impressive ability to recall and even value those who have shown them care. Despite being tagged as wild animals, numerous cases, like this one, show how much attachment these animals could bring. The couple’s impact on Oakley was still evident even after being separated from them for over a year. It is a testament to the deep bond that can form between humans and the animals they help.

What do you think of their bond? Watch the full clip below.


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