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Video Story: Assisting Our Beloved Wild Deer Friend, Eva (VIDEO)

In a world where nature often sends distress signals, whether through climate calamities or endangered species, it is our duty as humans to respond. Sometimes, this call for help comes in a form that is quiet but urgent—a single animal in need, reaching out in its own way. A Deer Named Eva. In one such touching instance, a wild deer named Eva sought help from a compassionate woman. Eva wasn’t just any deer; she was a familiar face in the neighborhood. Along with her herd, she is known to pass by the property of Rasa and Marlis during their migration, a journey that is both natural and necessary.

Deer are adaptable creatures, comfortable in various ecosystems from grasslands to rainforests. When human civilization encroaches on their habitat, some deer, like Eva, become accustomed to human presence. For Eva, Rasa and Marlis’s yard became more than a passing point—it became a safe and familiar place, almost like a second home. Recognizing the importance of these natural journeys, the U.S. Geological Survey has initiated a project to map the migration routes of big game animals, such as mule deer and moose. The goal is to ensure their journeys remain safe and unobstructed. Despite these efforts, the path is fraught with dangers, and injuries can still occur during these migrations.

On one fateful day, Rasa and Marlis noticed Eva lying unusually still in their yard. They knew something was amiss. It wasn’t like her to just lie there. Marlis, with a heart full of concern, approached Eva and discovered two scrapes on her back, clear signs of distress and pain.

Marlis didn’t hesitate. She gently examined Eva, running her hands over the deer’s legs, belly, and head. This soothing touch seemed to calm the distressed animal, signaling trust and comfort between them. In that moment, a deep, unspoken bond was formed. Recognizing Eva’s need for care, Marlis fetched a rescue balm made from natural flower extracts. She applied this balm to Eva’s wounds, which appeared to bring relief to the ailing deer. As Marlis worked, Eva’s eyes seemed to soften, reflecting the comfort and relief she was experiencing. In a touching display of gratitude, Eva responded to Marlis’s kindness with what appeared to be a “foot massage,” a tender interaction that seemed to symbolize her appreciation. It was as if Eva was saying ‘thank you’ in her own, heartfelt way.

This story serves as a poignant reminder of our role as stewards of the Earth. With our unique capacity to aid those who cannot always help themselves, we are entrusted with the responsibility to nurture and protect our fellow creatures. In helping Eva, Marlis did more than heal a wound; she acted as a caretaker of the world around her. May this story inspire us all to extend our hands, and our hearts, to the creatures we share this Earth with. In every act of kindness, no matter how small, we contribute to the healing of our planet, one animal at a time.

Watch Marlis care for Eva in the video below.

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Source: Pelorian Pages

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