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Elderly Stray Cat Can’t Stop Chirping with Joy After Being Saved From the Brink Half Frozen…

Elderly Stray Cat Can’t Stop Chirping with Joy After Being Saved From the Brink Half Frozen…

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, a rescue organization in Charleston, West Virginia, was notified by Eva of B.A.R.C. Boone Animal Rescue Coalition about a ginger cat that had been discovered “half frozen” one evening in early January.

They had only one thought: they would use every means at their disposal to save the cat.

IBKC founder Dorella Tuckwiller tells Love Meow, “Eva exclusively contacts me about the kittens that actually need more support than they can provide. I knew (before I ever saw a photo) that this cat required aid right now.

A kind lady, Nikki, transported the ginger boy to the vet’s office. As soon as he arrived, he was wrapped in a blanket and smothered with love. The sweet kitty immediately started purring from a single gentle touch. He barely had 

“I noticed he was an extremely elderly man when I took a glance at him. He smelled bad coming from him. He was really thin. He was returned to the room right away for a combo test. I waited while the blood was drawn while seated.

Given his condition, they expected the worse, but to everyone’s amazement, he tested negative for FIV. Tuckwiller and her group were committed to assisting this wounded soul in getting back on his feet.

Fargo finally felt secure enough to go to sleep for the first time in a very long time. Since he has been living alone for such a long time and is so old, he would not have endured much longer.

He was able to open his eyes much wider just one day after being saved. He was enjoying food and beverages like a champ! He made chirps and purrs that sounded like thunder whenever he was handled. [Video is down below]

Fargo has probably been living as a stray and taking care of himself for the majority of his life. Although his real age is unknown, there are obvious indications of his seniority. The ginger boy is far too eager to take advantage of his retirement.

Everyone is unsure of Fargo’s history, but they do know that he will live out the remainder of his life in opulence.

“Fargo is certainly enjoying life with his foster parents. (We won’t adopt the boy out; we’ll essentially be his hospice till he passes away.) He’s in good health, aside from old age.

The lovely ginger only has one tooth, so he only eats wet food, which he adores!

“He is so incredibly sweet, his purr is unlike anything I’ve ever heard! When he gets feisty, he nibbles at your hand with his one tooth,” Emiley Schoolcraft, Fargo’s foster mom, told Love Meow.


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