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Embracing the ‘Aggressive’ Staffy She Never Wanted for Her Daughter (VIDEO)

Every parent dreams of becoming a grandparent, envisioning little ones calling them Poppy or Gramma in the sweetest, most endearing way possible. The desire for grandchildren isn’t unique to any particular family, and it was no different in the case of Frida and her parents. In Frida’s family, her mother had raised five grown children but was yet to experience the joy of being a grandparent – a desire that burned within her. Enter Frida, the solution to her mother’s grandparent dreams. Along with her partner, Maria, Frida decided to fill that void in her mother’s life, but in an unconventional way. They adopted a Staffy and named him Einstein. Yes, they adopted a dog, and in doing so, they bestowed upon Frida’s mother a unique form of grandparenthood.

Initially, Frida was hesitant about getting a Staffy. She held the common belief that they were neither cute nor gentle and often carried an undeserved reputation for aggression. However, Einstein would quickly prove her wrong. The moment Frida and Maria laid eyes on Einstein, it was love at first sight. As he arrived at his forever home, he seemed to understand that this was where he belonged. He went straight to his bed, settled in, and relaxed. As time passed, Einstein would go on to demonstrate that he was no ordinary dog; he was, in fact, an incredibly affectionate and expressive one.

Frida affectionately describes Einstein as a “drama king” who revels in belly rubs. What irony it was for Frida, who initially had reservations about Staffies, to be living with such an expressive and loving companion. However, Frida and Maria aren’t the only ones smitten with Einstein. Frida’s mother is absolutely besotted with her white Staffy grandchild. She would often sprawl out on the floor, joining Einstein for some belly rub sessions. There was even a designated chair at the dining table for Einstein, and Frida had to make room for it during meal times. Plastic chairs were a no-go for Einstein because he tended to slip off them. As Frida humorously puts it, “He walks around with her [Frida’s mother] all the time. He is THE grandchild, and I’m convinced she loves him more than she loves me.”

Einstein thrives on the attention he receives from the people around him. When the holidays ended, Frida and Maria were anxious about leaving Einstein home alone again. They feared he might act out or chew their shoes in their absence. However, Einstein had other plans. He seemed to sense the presence of cameras around the house and decided to play the part of the misunderstood and lonely pup to perfection. He aimed to tug at their heartstrings and guilt-trip his parents for leaving him behind. Einstein’s intelligence shone through as he adapted to his circumstances.

Despite the acting skills, Frida and Maria could never stay mad at Einstein for long. When they returned home, they were greeted by a beaming dog, and he would get his well-deserved reward in the form of belly rubs. As Frida attests, “We told you he’s very smart.” Einstein is the living proof that stereotypes about Staffies being dangerous are unfounded. “People think they’re dangerous dogs, but they are so loving,” Frida emphasized. “He brings us so much unconditional love. My entire life now revolves around him, and he knows it.”

In the end, Frida, Maria, and Einstein’s story serves as a heartwarming reminder that love and companionship can come from the most unexpected places, even in the form of a four-legged grandchild named Einstein.

Meet Einstein and his moms and grandmom when you watch the video below.

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Source: Cuddle Buddies

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