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The Sleepy, Yet Beloved K-9 Comfort Dog of Bristol Police Department (VIDEO)

Have you ever experienced exhaustion after a grueling day at work or sleepless nights filled with anxiety before a big job change? Well, it turns out that even our four-legged friends can relate. Enter Brody, the newest addition to the Bristol Police Department’s K-9 unit, whose big day took an adorable twist during his swearing-in ceremony. Scheduled for a momentous event, Brody couldn’t help but succumb to sleep despite waking up early for the occasion. Officer Keith Medeiros, Brody’s handler, jokingly remarked, “He plays really hard and he sleeps really hard. When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, which is kind of tough because he sleeps a lot.” Overwhelmed with excitement, the tiny pup dozed off right in the middle of the ceremony, leaving the officers to carry on with smiles on their faces.

So, how did Brody land this prestigious job? The Bristol Police Department initially contemplated adding a narcotics or bomb-sniffing dog to their team. However, Medeiros, the school resource officer, had a different idea: a therapy dog. The team embraced the proposal, and Brody officially became a part of the force. Fortunately, Brody’s arrival was impeccably timed.

Medeiros highlighted, “People are really stressed, especially in law enforcement. Just by walking into the police department with Brody, people immediately smile, they immediately get into a better place. They want to pet him, want to hug him, and it’s just a really good thing.” Brody quickly proved to be an invaluable addition to the team. However, when it came to his swearing-in moment, he decided to delegate the responsibility to others while he indulged in a nap.

The heartwarming incident was captured on video and shared on the Bristol Police Department’s Facebook page. It swiftly became a local sensation, amassing over 379,000 views and more than 800 shares. There’s a particularly endearing moment where Brody rolls onto his side, sporting a look of pure bliss on his tiny face. While the officers did their best to maintain their professionalism, it was evident that Brody’s adorable antics brought smiles to their faces.

Medeiros fondly recalled, “We put him down on the desk, and he was just so comfortable that he lay down and fell asleep.” Medeiros didn’t mind taking the oath on behalf of the sleepy little guy. Given the joy that Brody has already brought to countless people, there’s no doubt that he’s going to excel in his role as the K-9 comfort dog of the Bristol Police Department.

Watch this heartwarming moment in the video below!

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Source: Bristol, R.I. Police Department

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