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Home Video of us trying to teach our son to say “Mama” and our trained Australian Shepard Dog stealing the show (but not the food) with his ability to speak. (VIDEO)

We all savor the delightful moments that babies and dogs bring into our homes. In Utah, the Diaz-Giovanini family had one such moment that became a viral sensation. Andrea, the mother, was eagerly coaxing her nine-month-old son, Sam, to utter the word “mama.” She held a tempting treat in her hand to encourage him. However, much to her surprise, it wasn’t Sam who responded to the enticement. Their lovable dog, Patch, stole the spotlight. Patch attentively listened to Andrea’s coaxing and, in an astonishing twist, echoed “mama” multiple times. Patch’s howl was eerily accurate, creating a heartwarming and humorous scene. It was clear that Patch had his sights set on the food reward and was determined to claim it for himself. The situation became even more amusing when baby Sam noticed Patch’s attempt to upstage him. The interaction between the two was incredibly endearing, with Patch trying to outshine the baby, and Sam realizing the competition for his mother’s attention.

One viewer commented, “I haven’t laughed like this in a long time 🙂 When the dog says MAMA, it’s just hilarious :D.” Another observer remarked, “Adorable and funny. Almost like the kid was saying, ‘shut up shut up shut up.'” Patch isn’t just an ordinary dog; he’s a trained miniature Australian Shepherd. Beyond his evident talent for mimicry, he holds a special place in the Diaz-Giovanini family’s hearts. He played a crucial role in assisting the recovery of the family’s grandmother, who had suffered a brain injury in a car accident. Whenever Patch senses that she might be having a seizure, he promptly alerts other family members, showcasing his loyalty and intelligence.

The video of this charming incident left viewers in stitches, but it also raised questions about whether the dog received a reward. Many were concerned that Patch didn’t get his well-deserved treat for his “speaking” talent. One person expressed, “That dog deserves more than just that bite of food after that!” Another viewer inquired, “Thank you for posting this 🙂 I really wanted to know if the dog was rewarded for being a genius.”

The sentiment was clear: Patch had won over hearts, and everyone wanted to ensure he was duly rewarded. Sensing the viewers’ concerns, the family posted a follow-up video to confirm that Patch did, in fact, receive treats! The original video of Patch’s unexpected response took the internet by storm, amassing over 14 million views on YouTube. It beautifully illustrates the joy that pets bring into our lives and the unexpected moments that make us burst into laughter. If you’re in need of a good chuckle, make sure not to miss this delightful footage. After all, talking dogs never disappoint!

Check the video below to hear Patches say “Mama” for yourself!

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