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Lost kitten is brought home by a man, who now believes it to be one of the Huskies.

Unlike what most people believe about cats and dogs, these two species can actually coexist with each other. Based on animal instincts alone, there is still a chance for a cat and a dog not to get along. However, with proper guidance from their owner, a cat and a dog becoming friends isn’t impossible at all. As mentioned on the website, during the initial introduction, the owner must ensure that the cat is not fearful and closely monitor their interactions. If either of them exhibits aggression or fear, it’s advisable to postpone further introductions.In conclusion, cats and dogs can be friends, but it requires a careful introduction and supervision to ensure their safety and comfort together. Take it from the best furry friends in this heartwarming story. When Josh got off work, he noticed a kitten in the bushes on his way home. Worried about the little feline’s well-being, he decided to bring the poor baby cat home. He also had a bit of curiosity about how his male husky named Miles would react to meeting a new furry housemate.

They soon named the kitten Henry, and he was initially timid and cautious. To provide the little feline with his own space, Josh decided to put him in a pen. During the first couple of days of Henry’s stay, the curious Miles would frequently invade Henry’s space by entering the pen and lying beside the little furry cat.

 Not only that, the big male husky would also attempt to groom the kitten, a sweet gesture to let the little cat know he was in good hands from then on.

Days passed, and Henry began to mimic the things that Miles did. Whenever Miles went outside, Henry would sit by the door, waiting for him. There was even an incident when the curious cat got out and slipped past Josh. It was Henry’s first time venturing so far from home since he was found. His eyes wandered as he inspected the outside world. Miles’s protective instincts as a big brother kicked in, and he dashed outside to retrieve and bring Henry back home. Perhaps Henry doesn’t realize he’s a cat. True enough, Josh said in a video“I think he has no idea he’s a cat. He plays fetch better than Miles.” Henry also has a knack for chewing on one of his big husky brother’s bones.

As it turns out, Henry gets along with other dogs besides Miles. He easily blends with other canines and is a natural at befriending them. Soon, Josh adopted a new pup named Aayla, and this time, it was Henry who welcomed her as a new furry member of their family. During their first meeting, he hopped over the countertop and tried to familiarize himself with her scent by sniffing her.

It didn’t take long, and the two bonded in the same way he and Miles did when they were just starting to build their friendship. They now form a trio of furry friends who enjoy playing and goofing around. It seems Henry will never realize he’s a cat.

Learn more about this heartwarming story by watching the video below.

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Source: TheDodo

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