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Parents Surprise Daughter With Dog She Had Been Caring For at Shelter..(VIDEO)

Hallee Fuqua, a young woman from Oklahoma with an immense love for dogs, spent her Thanksgiving break volunteering at a local dog shelter. During her time there, she formed an extraordinary bond with a particular rescue dog, a connection that would soon lead to an unforgettable Christmas surprise. Recognizing the depth of their connection, Hallee’s father decided to fulfill her long-cherished dream of having a dog as a Christmas present. But this wouldn’t be just any dog; it was the very rescue dog, named Rambo, with whom Hallee had formed an inseparable bond at the shelter. The heartwarming moment when Hallee first laid eyes on her new furry companion was beautifully captured on video by her father, an emotional scene that perfectly encapsulated the joy of a young woman being reunited with her beloved pet. Hallee’s journey with Rambo began at the Humane Society in Stillwater. Rambo, a mix of Plott Hound and Mountain Cur, held a special place in Hallee’s heart and was the first dog she would visit whenever she volunteered at the shelter. Jackie Ross-Guerrero, the shelter’s director, recalled, “She would come in and just sit with him. They connected from day one.” Despite her deep affection for Rambo, Hallee knew that she couldn’t be a permanent part of his life, as she understood that one day, a loving family would adopt him, and she wouldn’t be able to care for him anymore. Nevertheless, she cherished every moment spent with him.

Unbeknownst to Hallee, her father, Lance, had a secret plan. He resolved to adopt Rambo without her knowledge and surprise her on Christmas. However, maintaining this secret while Hallee continued to volunteer at the shelter presented its own set of challenges. It involved a few harmless deceptions. “We pulled a little white lie when she would come in so she would think he was still under adoption,” Jackie revealed. Heartbreakingly, Hallee discovered through social media that Rambo had been adopted two days prior to the surprise, unaware that the dog now belonged to her. On the day of the surprise, Lance managed to capture Hallee’s reaction on video and shared it on Facebook. The post rapidly gained viral attention, amassing thousands of likes and shares. The video portrays Lance sitting with Rambo as Hallee enters the room, completely oblivious to the incredible surprise awaiting her. As she spots her father with her beloved dog, she stands there in shock. When Rambo eagerly rushes over to greet her, Hallee’s tears flow freely as she embraces her new furry companion. She repeatedly asks, “Is he mine?” and “Are you joking?” When the truth finally sinks in that Rambo is indeed hers, she can’t contain her tears of joy.

Leveraging their newfound internet fame, Lance used a Facebook post to encourage people to donate to the shelter, writing, “Our daughter Hallee Fuqua has been asking for a dog for Christmas for years. We told her she should wait until after she graduates college. She began volunteering at the Humane Society of Stillwater. She fell in love with a dog named Rambo and visited him often.” He continued, “My wife and I decided to secretly adopt him 3 weeks ago. With the help from the Humane Society, we kept it a secret. She found out this weekend that Rambo had been adopted and she was broken. So Sunday night we surprised her with her early Christmas present. We captured the moment on video. Merry Christmas Hallee! #onehappygirl #onehappydog.” He then urged people to make donations to support the shelter. It was truly a Christmas that Hallee will cherish forever.

Watch the video below to see the sweet surprise for yourself!

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Source: Hallee and Rambo

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