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Pisco is a big-eyed cat that resembles a real-life Puss in Boots.

We all know and love the adorable, Spanish, boot-clad cat that fenced his way into our hearts in Shrek 2.

The charismatic kitty is known for his suave personality and his affinity for sword-fighting, but we all know that his greatest weapon isn’t his sword – it’s his eyes.

When the ginger cat flashes his big, begging eyes, it is impossible not to melt.

You’d think that those incredible eyes could only exist in animation, but we’ve stumbled upon a kitty who is Puss in Boots spitting image!

Not only is Pisco ginger just like our favourite animated cat, but he also has Puss in Boots trademark gigantic eyes.

Looking into Pisco’s eyes feels like looking into a deep, dark well.

Pisco’s family didn’t immediately realize that they’d ended up with their very own Puss in Boots impersonator.

After all, all young kittens tend to be adorably wide-eyed.

Pisco is also not quite the exact shade of Puss in Boots, and his fur is noticeably fluffier.

So it took a while before it suddenly dawned on his family that he had an animated twin.

But once you see it, it is impossible to un-see it, and those big eyes are drawing quite a crowd online.

Pisco has his own Instagram account and has amassed over 600,000 followers so far.

We, like everybody else, just can’t get enough of this adorable kitten.

Just looking into his eyes makes the entire day seem brighter, and we’re thankful to have been blessed with such cuteness.

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