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This dog puts her life in danger to protect her pups (video)

A courageous dog sacrifices her life to save her puppies, and this mother’s instincts quickly surged when she realized her young were in danger of drowning. The mother tries to save her litter from a flood caused by inclement weather in Israel in a video provided by the Israeli rescue group Let Live Israel.

The 12 children had been confined in a narrow area beneath the foundations of an Israeli military structure, a spot too small for anybody to enter. So this brave dog opted to risk being stuck in that spot in order to save her puppies.

She went out with many puppies, taking them out of the flooded pit one by one. According to a Facebook post about the rescue, the mother managed to save seven of her children, her other five babies sadly perished in the flood.

The shelter also requested readers to adopt their current animals so that they can make room for more rescues, noting that their facilities are full and that there is a continual stream of new arrivals as a result of the recent storms. The seven puppies who survived are being treated in the clinic.

The puppies will be ready for adoption at the end of the treatment.


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