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Blind Cat Brings Family to Her Kittens After Living Her Whole Life in Comfortable Home (VIDEO)

Blind Cat Leads Family to Her Kittens After Seeking Comfortable Home Her Whole Life

Blind Cat Brings Family to Her Kittens After Living Her Whole Life in Comfortable Home

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A four-cat family in need of foster care was approached by Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) in Corpus Christi, Texas, toward the end of last month.

An elderly couple’s home was visited by a stray cat that was spotted wandering outside. The cat’s eyes seemed crusted shut, which their son discovered during a routine visit to their house. When the friendly tabby led him to her den, he was shocked to see three little babies she had been taking care of.

“He asked our rescue for assistance. The cat’s eyes were believed to have been glued shut at the time due to severe eye infections, according to Mary Huckabee, CBCR Officer, who spoke to Love Meow.

They welcomed them into a foster home as soon as one became available.

blind cat cuddles kittens

Two of the kittens were severely underweight and exhibited symptoms of a URI. Before relaxing in her cozy, warm nest with her offspring (Candyland, Monopoly, and Chutes and Ladders) nursing on her belly, the cat mother, Clue, gobbled down the food.

They discovered that Clue was totally blind and didn’t have normal eye tissue when her eye drainage became better.

friendly blind cat

“Our vet thinks she has congenital microphthalmia, born with very small or absent eyes. She will need enucleation to prevent recurrent infections,” Mary shared with Love Meow.

“Being blind doesn’t bother her at all. Mama Clue was very protective of her babies.”

With a safe home, warm beds, and medical care, the kittens regained their appetite and started putting on weight. Their eyes all cleared up after a week of TLC.

Whenever the kittens were taken out of the cube to be weighed, Mama Clue kept close tabs on them. She made sure that her babies would be quickly returned to the nest and into her loving arms.

“Occasionally she would be surprised when a baby would meow from a place where she didn’t expect.”

At three weeks old, the kittens were getting mobile and actively trying to find their feet. Mama Clue wasn’t so pleased when one or all three of them embarked on an escapade outside the mama-approved safe zone.

“She would carry them back to ‘their place’ over and over before she realized she was fighting a losing battle and that her babies were now ready to explore.”

Clue enjoys the company of her people and seeks affection from them. She will lean in for head scritches, or flop on her side to signal that her belly needs to be rubbed. “She starts making biscuits as soon as her foster mom enters the enclosure,” Mary told Love Meow.

“Even though she was an outdoor cat for her whole life and blind, she figured out the littler box right away, and is thrilled to be living a life of luxury now.”

Mama Clue and her precious trio are thriving in foster care. The kittens, now at four weeks old, have reached several milestones, and their personalities are emerging.

“Candyland is sassy and likes to talk. She is the most adventurous of the kittens. Monopoly is a laid-back girl. She loves to roll around and get belly rubs. She is starting to practice her pouncing skills on her sisters,” Mary added.

“Chutes and Ladders was initially the most standoffish, but now that she doesn’t have to get drops in her eyes multiple times a day, she is the first to waddle over and climb into her foster mom’s lap.”

Mama Clue is loving her VIP life as an indoor cat. She will never have to worry about food and shelter or roaming the streets blind. She will get optimal care for her eyes and a forever home she so deserves.

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