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The rescue dog is afraid of being abandoned once more; therefore, he won’t let go of his father’s hand (video)

The Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand In Fear Of Being Abandoned Again

The love language of Stanley, a velcro dog, is unquestionably physical touch.

He does not enjoy having his own place, and he never wants to be alone himself. At all times, he must touch his father; if, by chance, his father is not present, he will find someone else close to touch.

Stanley, the rescue dog, clings on to his devoted owner’s hand, transcending the scars of a trying past, harboring an unshakable fear of facing abandonment once more.

Stanley, the Velcro dog, is here.

abandoned dog lying on man in bed

Sam Clarence adopted Stanley as a six-month-old puppy from Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue. Stanley was a “foster fail”. 

At that time, Sam was volunteering as a dog walker for the shelter, and they approached him about fostering a puppy for a few weeks.

Two male puppies, aged six months, were found living with their mom on a nearby abandoned property. They were scared, hungry, and in dire need of help. 

three dogs sitting on grass

Sam knew he couldn’t refuse the opportunity to foster, but as soon as he saw Stanley, he knew he was staying put.

“When we got home, he was afraid, and it took him an hour to gradually get out of the car. Sam told The Dodo, “Once he came out, I gave him a good bath, some food, and a cozy bed by the fire.

Stanley needed some time to get used to living in the house, but he loved his new dad no matter what.

He used to sleep on the bed with me when he was a puppy, and we were always in contact. Sam remarked, “He would lay behind me with at least one paw always touching my back; if I moved, he shifted.

After that, Stanley became ever more fixated with touching his father constantly.

Always Have To Touch

abandoned dog holding his paw on man's arm in a car

“We have to be touching at all times. He’s very forceful about it,” Sam said.

Stanley went from a frightened stray pup to a true ‘velcro dog’ who refuses to let go of his dad’s hand whenever they are together, even when Sam is driving.

Watch this sweet video from one of their numerous road trips:

You simply can’t say no to Stanley. He is very adamant about his ‘must always be touching’ rule. If you don’t comply, he will force it.

“If we are watching TV, same thing. I will get paws flying at me until I touch him. It’s just his quirk. If I’m not around he will do it to my housemate as well,” Sam said.

Stanley loves all outdoor activities, especially going to the beach, the river, or lakes.

dog on a beachAnd, of course, he loves spending time with his dad. His dad is his safe haven, and there’s no place Stanley would rather be.


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