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Amazing Rottweiler Has One Of The Biggest Litters Ever at Two Years Old

Amazing Two-Year-Old Rottweiler Has One Of The Largest Litters Ever

When a two-year-old Rottweiler girl named Jessie got pregnant, their owners expected her to have five or six puppies at best; however, she ended up giving birth to one of the largest litters they have ever seen.

The litter was three times bigger than they expected.

The babies just kept coming in the middle of the night, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. But, it wasn’t a dream.

Thankfully, Jessie delivered all of the babies healthy and happily.

A Proud Rottweiler Mom Surprises With A Large Litter

rottweiler dog and her puppies lying on the bed

Jessie, a two-year-old Rottweiler girl, gave birth to 15 healthy puppies on October 15, 2017 at her forever home.

Yes, 15 adorable Rottweiler puppies!

The owners, Eleanor Usher and her husband Ian, had never bred puppies before and were utterly taken aback by the outcome as they had not anticipated having that many puppies.

In her statement to SWNS, Eleanor said, “We were given a due date of October 17, but on October 15 at around 1.50 am I heard this scratching noise from the bottom of the stairs.”

It turned out that Jessie was giving delivery right then. There were already two puppies in her womb, and more were on the way.

rottweiler puppies sleeping together

Eleanor and Ian quickly descended the stairs to be with their girl, Jessie, as soon as they became aware of what was taking place.

Eleanor said, “I’d been told to expect something between three and five, but we hadn’t had an ultrasound because it’s so expensive. I was telling the girl, “That’s a good girl, you can stop now, you don’t have to do anymore,” after the sixth puppy.

Jessie, though, hadn’t even finished in half…

The puppies simply continued to arrive.

a lot of rottweiler puppies sleeping on a bunch

They were confident that she would finish shortly, but the puppies simply kept appearing.

When is she going to end, we just kept thinking, “Oh my god,” Eleanor recalled.

They even began reviewing the records after the eleventh puppy. 18 puppies from 2009 held the record for the biggest Rottweiler litter in the UK at the time.

They even thought she would deliver close to 20 babies given the rate at which the puppies were emerging.

rottweiler mom and her puppies in their bed

However, by 8:00 a.m., Jessie was all done. In the end, there were 15 beautiful puppies they could be proud of.

It was all her. They didn’t ever have to assist her… such a strong momma. 

“Ian and I have a rota drawn up to feed the pups throughout the day and night. It’s exhausting, but worth it to see them,” Eleanor said.

rottweiler puppies and smiling people posing for photography

Surprisingly, there are 24 puppies in the largest litter.
I must shock you even more if you believe 15 puppies is a lot.

Amazingly, 24 puppies make up the largest litter recorded by Guinness World Records. On November 29, 2004, Tia, a Neapolitan Mastiff, gave birth to all of the puppies.


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