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Baby Sibling is Gently Tucked Under the Blanket by the Dog (VIDEO)

dog tucks baby in

Sometimes a dog’s behavior can be so disturbingly human, we’d swear they’re just fur-covered people walking around on all fours. Take, for example, one dog who tucked his uncovered baby sibling under a blanket. This nanny of a dog seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

In a video that now boasts over 8.8 million views, a loyal, caring pup notices his human baby sibling lying on a blanket. The last thing this dog wants is for the baby to be chilly. He also doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the baby’s whimpering.

Using just his nose, the dog rearranges the blanket continuously. He digs his snout under it to lift it on top of the baby. The helpful dog even thrusts it underneath the baby to tightly tuck him in.

After several lifts and pokes, he successfully drapes the blanket over the baby. What a good, protective older sibling!

Finished with his watchful duties, he stretches out, satisfied. No doubt this baby is in great paws.

Watch the adorable display of love in full below:


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