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Sneaking into a nest of young kittens, an orphan kitten insists on being a member of their family.

Sneaking into a nest of young kittens, an orphan kitten insists on being a member of their family.

Bella, an animal rescuer and fosterer based in Indonesia, came across a motherless kitten who was in desperate need of rescue.

The kitten was just skin and bones and very dirty and hungry. “He was about 1.5 months old when I found him on the street, covered in filth and grease,” Bella told Love Meow.

Without a carrier, Bella placed the kitten in a box and gave him something to eat. The starving little guy wolfed down all the food that his tummy could possibly fit.

After getting him all cleaned up and vetted, the kitten named Daniboi settled into his foster home and rested a ton, making up for lost sleep.

When he was medically clear, the kitten joined the other rescues in the house for socialization. Bella thought he would hang out with two other kittens around his age, but little Dani had a different idea.

A few weeks prior to the kitten’s arrival, Bella took in a pregnant cat who had been found abandoned outside. She later gave birth to a litter of four in the comfort of a warm nest, away from the elements of the outdoors.

Dani began hearing tiny squeaks coming from the large crate where the cat family resided, and noticed the momma cat doting on her babies. He was intrigued and a light bulb went off in his head. That night, he plotted an escapade.

Bella woke up the next morning and found little Dani sleeping with the baby kittens in an adorable purr pile. The big kitty lay comfortably on his back, amongst his tiny new friends.

“I was pretty surprised. He was always very cute, but I never thought he would be that precious,” Bella told Love Meow.

Despite having other kittens his age to play and cuddle with, Dani kept returning to the nest to snuggle with the babies, as if he had always been part of the litter.

Mama cat Yu-na didn’t mind the little newcomer and welcomed him into her family with a bath and snuggles.

Bella @bellanmeow

“He continued to sneak naps with those little kittens and even joined them for nursing on the mom. Fortunately, the mother cat treated him as her own and groomed him and cared for him,” Bella shared with Love Meow.

The kitten who was much larger, insisted on sleeping in the nest with the babies. Despite having multiple cat beds around the house, he came back to nap with them every time.

Whenever Mama Yu-na needed a break to stretch or replenish, Dani would stay put and babysit the litter of four, keeping them company.

He was there when the kittens opened their eyes and made their first steps outside the nest.

As the kittens grew bigger, they started to imitate their older brother and tried to play and wrestle.

Little Dani was so happy to have siblings to love on and a mother to cling to.

He enjoyed being a big baby and continued to comfort-nurse on his surrogate mom even at three months old.

“He was so cuddly and a purr machine. The mother cat gave him unconditional love until he was big enough for adoption.”

The orphan kitten has come a long way since the day he was found on the street. He was hungry for a mother’s love and accepted by a sweet family of five.

When he was ready to spread his wings and fly, the kitten (now renamed Rocky) was adopted by a wonderful family.

“He loves watching TV with his humans and has a feline sister to play with at his forever home,” Bella added.

The former street kitten has blossomed into a happy, playful, cuddle-bug. He loves the indoor life and doesn’t have a worry in the world.



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