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Every time someone walks by, the shelter dog sticks her paw through the bars of the kennel (VIDEO)

Shelter Dog Sticks Her Paw Through Kennel Bars Whenever Someone Passes By

Eden is one of the sweetest pups that you will ever meet, but her life was anything but sweet. She suffered a lot.

If she could talk, I am sure that her story would bring tears to your eyes. Unfortunately, we will never know the exact truth, but maybe that’s for the better.

Thankfully, her suffering is finally over, and she is now able to enjoy a life full of happiness and love. This is Eden’s story.

Life Under A Tree

photo of a malnourished eden

Nobody knows how Eden ended up living under a tree, but one thing was for sure… she had been there for a long time.

Occasionally, people would stop and give her pets. Someone left her a big bucket of water and some kibble, so she wouldn’t starve.

But, most of the time, her tummy was empty, growling desperately for some nutritious food. Without food and water, Eden had become very skinny to the point where it hurt to lay down.

Eden living a sad life under a tree

People would pass by, noticing her, but no one wanted to rescue her.

Life under the tree was miserable, but that’s all Eden knew. That’s where they probably abandoned her, so she stayed, hoping they would come back.

Eden just wanted love and snuggles, but instead, she got cold and scary nights without anyone to protect her.

When Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue in Irvine, California, heard about this sweet dog in need, she wasted no time in coming to save her.

Suzette told The Dodo, “For weeks and weeks, she was under that tree. She wouldn’t leave.”

As soon as Eden saw Suzette, she started to wiggle her weak body and give her kisses. She still had so much love in her.

photo of eden and suzette's encounter

Eden knew Suzette was about to save her. She was finally going to leave her life under the tree.

But, this sweet pup was so weak and sick that she needed urgent medical care.

Life At The Hospital 

photo of eden sticking her paws through kennel bars

Suzette brought Eden to Camino Pet Hospital in Orange County, California. They gave her a much-needed bath, but soon noticed that she was severely underweight… skin and bones, and suffering from a painful skin condition.

So, they began treating her.

Her life under the tree was replaced with her life at the hospital.

But, now Eden at least had her own bed, fresh water, and nice food. She was finally able to lay down on a comfortable bed without pain and shivering. 

She was getting better day by day, and her sweet personality was starting to blossom.

“She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet,” Suzette said. “She’s just a lover.”

At the hospital, the team placed Eden in her own kennel where she got rest and recovered faster. Eden spent the first couple of days sleeping, but as soon as she started feeling a little bit better, she was up and ready to find love.

That’s when they noticed a little paw sticking through the kennel bars.


Whenever someone passed by, she would stick out her gray and white paw and ask to hold hands. So, they started to hold her hand. 

“She’ll hold your hand and then make the sweetest howl ever, as if she’s saying, ‘I love you’,” said Suzette. “Thank you for noticing me.”

While she had many people who loved her and kept coming back to hold her hand, Eden was still searching for her forever home.

All she was dreaming of was her own family…

photo of a healthy eden

Life In A Forever Home 

Eden wasn’t very comfortable with other dogs, so they soon noticed that she would need an only-dog household.

It wasn’t easy to find someone…

But, her handshake full of love was exactly what led her to her forever home. 

A family had heard about Eden and her sad story, and they imm

photo of eden with her new family

So, it was time for Eden to say goodbye to her past and start a new life in her new home with people who loved her.


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