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Adventurous Bengal kitty goes for bike rides and sailboats with her dad (VIDEO)

Albert and her pet Bengal cat, Mia, loved sailing together. The kitty usually jumped on the mainsail over the boom and ran around. The cat loved to be on the boat. Once, when they were sailing, they met another couple who also had a sailboat and a cat.

Mia and the male cat became such good friends that both the owners started to call them boyfriend and girlfriend. The kitty had a lot of fun on the boat. However, as soon as Mia was home, she just sat close to her dad.

The feline did not move from his side like a sweet innocent cat. Mia even went on short bike rides in her basket. When she was on the bike, she never meowed. She just enjoyed the ride with her dad.

However, the best part of going on bike rides was that she could even enjoy the ride while comfortably sitting on her human’s shoulder. Albert loved to carry the kitty on his shoulders while he traveled short distances.

When Mia wanted to go outdoors, she would start to meow. As soon as Albert opened the door of his house, the cat would run out to the corridor. The owner loved how she embraced outdoor life. When Albert adopted Mia, he knew nothing about cats. He felt lonely and wanted a companion for himself.

Thus, he got Mia. The cat had brought quite a lot of joy to the owner’s life. The cat’s dad knew that Bengal cats were very demanding. So, he had to find ways to enrich her life. The owner made sure the kitty went out for leash walking. Mia loved her outdoor life and enjoyed every second of it.

Albert understood that she was way happier outdoors than indoors. So, when the weather was excellent, the duo would go grocery shopping & hiking adventures. She sat on her dad’s shoulder most of the time while they trekked. After meeting Mia, Albert’s life now had a purpose and someone to care about.


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