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Woman’s dog isn’t too bright, but makes up for it with love and laughter

Duncan was a shelter dog, and his old name was Peanut Butter. He was the funniest dog that Greta had ever had. Duncan’s owner recently adopted him to mend her broken heart as she suddenly lost her previous dog. The dog’s innocent eyes drew the owner towards him.

She adopted him instantly to heal her broken heart and give Duncan a new home. He used to stay with animal control in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. Unfortunately, the poor dog was found as a stray. Greta had heard rumors that he had a previous owner who was not very kind to his pet.

It was strange that he still had this wonderful and playful personality that impressed her. When Duncan was out for a walk in the rain and snow, he would eat the drops of water or snowflakes as if it was food. The little one looked adorable while he lunged and bit the snow. However, he growled and barked when it snowed.

He had very peculiar water habits. He would always drink from a water fountain, but when Greta took him for a swim, he wanted nothing to do with it. He hated the bathtubs as well. The dog thought of his tail as his enemy and would circle around endlessly to catch it.

He loved the company of humans but was not comfortable with other dogs. When the family moved to the suburbs of Chicago, their subdivision was still under construction. So, he met a variety of workers every morning and made sure he greeted them.

He knew what his owner wanted from him and was a perfect companion. However, he was a fantastic companion to Greta’s pet cat, Coco Bubbles. Greta believed Coco Bubbles was Duncan’s cat. The dog mama learned about Coco Bubbles from her friends, who were fostering her.

The dog and the cat have been best friends ever since Greta had got her. The owner couldn’t understand how a dog, so uncomfortable around other canines, loved Coco Bubbles. It was just beautiful. The two snuggled, played softly, and never messed with each other’s toys. Both the animals had an unbreakable bond.

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