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Gallery: Garnet Ghost Town

Photo Credit: Bob Wick / US Bureau of Land Management / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

In the western portion of Montana sits Garnet, an abandoned mining town that’s garnered a reputation for being among the most haunted in the state. Settled in the 1890s to house those working in the nearby mines, it was abandoned in the early 20th century. The site has since been turned into a tourist attraction, hosting thousands of tourists each year. However, none stay very long, due to the supernatural phenomena.

Wooden structure in the middle of Garnet, Montana

Garnet, Montana is located in Granite County, 11 miles up Garnet Range Road. At an elevation of 6,000 feet, it’s surrounded by mountains and forests, making for a breathtaking sight. Spanning 134 acres, it features several buildings and structures dating back well over a century.

Cabin surrounded by tall grass

Kitchen table in the Wells Hotel

Overhead view of Garnet, Montana

Three wooden buildings positioned near trees

Interior of the Wells Hotel

Exterior of a cabin in Garnet, Montana

Wooden buildings in tall grass

Wooden structure lit in the night


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