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(VIDEO)/ German Shepherd protects toddler from “evil” sprinkler, his reaction is priceless

Dogs are known as man’s best friends and show an insane amount of loyalty towards their owners. They can even give their lives for their owners. Recently, one German Shepherd dog gave proof of this undying loyalty when he attempted to protect his young friend.

The pet owner had shared the moment online where the dog felt that the water sprinkler in the garden was too dangerous for the little baby and jumped in to help.

He simply nudged the toddler to one side and attacked the evil water coming out of the sprinkler. The hilarious incident had grabbed a lot of attention because of the adorable reaction by the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd and toddler

The cute dog was neither ready to back out nor prepared to give in. Instead, he backed up every now and then but continued to fight. He snapped at the stream of water whenever he could.

However, the delightful fellow had no idea that it was just a water sprinkler and would do no harm to anyone. At least, this dog was trying to live up to his breed’s reputation.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known to be noble, intelligent, and agile. But many times, their antics are more comical than brave. Still, a great effort to rescue the inquisitive toddler.

The family pet was glad to cheer up the little one and his beloved owner, who could not stop laughing hysterically. This made the dog continue with his comical antics.


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