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(VIDEO)/ Sweet baby shares her yogurt with doggies

One of the trickier concepts to teach our little ones is sharing. While their brains are still developing, many kids struggle to give up their treats so someone else can have a taste. Amelia starts learning early by sharing with her canine brother, Phil. While the big boy sits patiently at her side, Amelia eats her tasty yogurt, and her mom urges her to share the last of her container.Amelia starts to get upset for a moment, asking for her container back. After some gentle consoling from her mom, Amelia is back to being happy, apologizing to her fur brother. With that, little Amelia asks her mom for a surprise, and she receives her favorite treat: marshmallows! This was when she learned another critical development lesson: standing up for yourself. Trying his luck, one of her other canine brothers, Teddy, comes to check out her marshmallows, but Amelia tells him no. But it’s not all sad for the dogs. They get treats of their own.

Baby with dog

Amelia gives Phil his surprise, and the whole family munches on their favorite foods. Meanwhile, their adventurous kitty takes advantage of the holiday decorations, climbing into the tree.

Watching Amelia with her relaxed and loving family all around her, it’s hard not to imagine her sneaking them some treats beneath the kitchen table.


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