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(VIDEO)/ Feeling nostalgic, this dog walked 57 miles to her old house

“People often struggle to embrace change,” remarked the news reporter before delving into the latest heartwarming story: the incredible journey of a dog with a strong desire to find her way back “home.” Meet Cleo, a four-year-old Labrador, who had relocated to her current residence in 2018. However, a week before this news report, Cleo had mysteriously disappeared, leaving her family perplexed about her whereabouts. While her human family had seemingly settled into their new abode, Cleo appeared to yearn for her previous home. Her solution was to embark on a remarkable journey to return there.

The challenge lay in the fact that her old home was a substantial 57 miles away from her current residence. Nevertheless, the new homeowners of her former house were in for a surprise when they found Cleo waiting on their porch one day upon returning home. Perplexed by the presence of strangers in “her” house, Cleo adamantly prevented them from entering the premises. Fortunately, they managed to scan her microchip, revealing her connection to her previous owners.

Upon contacting Cleo’s original family in Kansas, they were eager to make the trip across state lines to Missouri to reunite with their beloved pet. They were overjoyed to find Cleo safe and sound, though the mystery of how she had made the incredible journey remained unsolved. One plausible theory was that a kind-hearted individual had picked her up and, upon realizing her microchip was registered to a Missouri address, attempted to facilitate her return home. Alternatively, it’s possible that Cleo had walked the distance herself. Regardless of the method, the sheer determination exhibited by Cleo in making it back to her former home was truly impressive and heartwarming.


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