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A blind dog who needs a little extra love receives massages from cats (VIDEO)

Cats Give Massages To A Blind Dog Who Needs A Little Extra Love  

Despite a popular opinion, dogs and cats can get along very well and form a deep and meaningful relationship that goes beyond their differences.

For Tam, a blind long-time resident at Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir (SARA), cats are his best friends. They are also his safe place.

His feline companions graciously provide him with moments of tender care and unwavering affection, and it is undoubtedly the most precious thing I have ever witnessed.

Meet Tam, The Shelter’s Long-Time Resident

poor blind dog

Tam is one of the oldest residents at SARA, who has been at the farm, along with his sister, Daccia, for almost nine years now.

He’s not like most dogs that you’ll see around – his sister, Daccia, and him were born with a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

All other puppies from the same litter were adopted, but Tam and Daccia weren’t because they simply require a little extra love and care. Thus, the shelter became their permanent home.

EDS (a rare connective tissue illness) causes skin hyperextensibility, joint laxity, skin and vessel fragility, and poor wound healing. [1] 

two blind dogs laying on sunbed

On top of that, Tam has been blind his whole life, so he finds his way around by using his nose, and he moves around very cautiously. Moreover, he often gets scared and stressed when there is too much commotion around him.

However, he has never been scared when his feline friends are with him.

“The cats know he will lie quietly and be gentle with them. [He’s] the perfect pillow for a snooze, and Tam enjoys the affectionate closeness,” Hazel Skeet, a long-time volunteer with SARA, told The Dodo.

Unique Bond With Feline Friends 

dogs relaxing on sunbed

A couple of cats at the shelter have recognized that Tam needs a little bit more love and affection, and they have made it their mission to provide him with exactly what he needs.

According to SARA, Tam absolutely loves cats and sleeps with the same two cats every night – the three of them cuddling in bed.

When Tam is up and about, his feline friends will frequently rub against him to let him know that they are there for him.

The volunteers at the shelter have witnessed a number of times the enchanting bond that exists between their residents. Their cats love to give Tam cuddles and gentle massages to ease his pain and make him feel loved.

Tam has always loved to lead a relaxed and laid-back life, spending a lot of time lying on the benches in the courtyard.

“He spends the rest of his day sitting in the sun or shade, taking in the sounds and smells of the refuge,” Skeet said.

They believe that cats are drawn to Tam because of his quiet and gentle demeanor, and because they can sense that he is in need of a little extra love.

“Because he is blind, Tam is very wary of strangers,” Skeet said. “It takes a while to earn his trust, but once you have, he is a super affectionate and cuddly boy.”

Thankfully, he has his best friends to keep him company and make his life at the shelter better and happier.


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