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A 6-year-old who had saved his own money for 18 months to purchase a puppy broke down in tears when his grandma surprised him (VIDEO)

6-year-old saved his own money for 18 months to buy a puppy — his grandma’s surprise left him in tears

Many of us remember those childhood days of asking our parents for a dog, and there’s nothing like that moment when you have your very own pet for the first time.

In one heartwarming viral video, a young boy gets a special surprise from his grandparents — his reaction will leave you in tears.

Xander Mellor, a 6-year-old from Springfield, Illinois, saved up change for 18 months just so he could buy his own puppy.

“Whenever I got back from work, I’d empty my pockets and give him all the change left from the day,” his mother Natalie Ellenburg said, according to Daily Mail.

Then one day, while visiting his grandparents’ house, Xander was told to go outside for a surprise.

He closed his eyes and held out his hands…

…and then his grandmother placed an adorable puppy in his arms:

Xander couldn’t hold back tears: “I love it,” he tells his mom in the video.

It was the family’s first dog. Natalie said they named the dog “Marshmallow,” or “Mello” for short. After that beautiful surprise, Xander and Mello have become best friend and have been inseparable ever since.

Watch the video below:


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