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A new mother dog travelled three kilometers each day to get nourishment for her puppies (VIDEO)

In the heart of Fowler, Fresno, California, a touching story of resilience, maternal love, and human compassion unfolded, reminding us of the incredible bonds that exist between a mother and her offspring. This is the story of Betty Boop, a courageous mother dog who walked three kilometers each day to provide nourishment for her ten precious puppies. Her journey is a testament to the lengths a mother will go to ensure the well-being of her young.


The residents of Fowler couldn’t help but notice a mother dog who had recently given birth, embarking on a daily pilgrimage of two miles to search for food to sustain her hungry puppies. It was through these observant locals that Krystle Woodward, the founder of the animal rescue group Pinky Paws ResQ, learned about Betty Boop and her noble quest to feed her offspring.


Krystle had heard about Betty Boop’s plight approximately two months before, but the elusive mother dog had managed to elude capture. It wasn’t until one fateful Thursday that Krystle was able to change the lives of Betty Boop and her ten puppies forever. She shared her surprise encounter on the rescue foundation’s Facebook page, recounting, “I surprised Betty Boop during my break at work. She took off when I found her. My husband raced with the van to catch her and save Betty Boop during my lunch hour on Thursday.”

Betty Boop, a dog who had recently given birth, had been covering three kilometers a day to source food for her puppies.


Over the course of the previous three to four weeks, more than 30 witnesses had seen Betty Boop tirelessly foraging on the outskirts of town, covering miles in search of sustenance for her young. Krystle’s determination to rescue Betty Boop and her puppies was unwavering. After work, she rushed Betty Boop to the vet, staying late into the night to ensure that she was healthy and free from infection. The moment the doctor confirmed that Betty Boop was still nursing, Krystle’s heart swelled with relief, thinking of the hungry puppies she had left behind.


On Friday, Betty Boop’s maternal instinct to reunite with her puppies was palpable as she attempted to escape by running outdoors and scaling a fence. It was clear that this determined mother was willing to do whatever it took to be with her beloved offspring. Thus began Krystle’s mission to find Betty Boop’s babies.

According to YourCentralValley, the ten puppies were eventually discovered in the basement of an abandoned property. Kenneth Stoen, an elementary school student, was summoned to assist with the rescue, and together, they retrieved the ten healthy puppies. Each pup was given a name to reflect their resilience and the precious bond they shared with their mother.


Betty Boop’s story is a testament to the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children. Her unwavering love and determination to provide for her puppies touched the hearts of everyone involved in her rescue. As Krystle shared, “She just trusted me to show me where her babies were, and that just pierced my heart; that’s why I adore them.”

Betty Boop and her puppies serve as a reminder of the incredible sacrifices and love that animals bestow upon their young. It’s a story that underscores the importance of compassion, rescue efforts, and the enduring bonds that exist within the animal kingdom. Betty Boop’s journey from a struggling mother to a symbol of hope and resilience is a source of inspiration for us all.


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