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(VIDEO)/ Baby girl shares a walk and ice cream with giant Husky

Emma-Leigh Matthews and her spouse, Shane, were the proud parents of three delightful Malamute dogs named Phil, Niko, and Teddy Bear, as well as a Maine Coon cat named Milo. Their family was further enriched by the presence of their adorable daughter, Amelia, affectionately known as Mia.

On a recent outing, the family decided to take a leisurely walk with Mia, as they had previously embarked on a bicycle adventure. Sadly, Phil, being a senior dog, couldn’t keep up with his younger days’ energetic runs. Niko, on the other hand, lacked the stamina to outpace Teddy. Consequently, it was Teddy who accompanied his family on a bicycle ride that day. The outing unfolded beautifully as Emma, Shane, Amelia, and Teddy basked in the serene ambiance of a local park, relishing delicious ice cream cones.

Baby girl and Husky

Amelia’s excitement reached a crescendo upon spotting the ice cream cones. When Emma presented her with the choice of an ice cream cup or cone, the little one promptly opted for the cone. Amelia eagerly accepted the ice cream cone, selecting a rainbow-flavored one. While savoring her treat, Shaun gently intervened, advising her to lick the ice cream instead of biting into it. Teddy, displaying remarkable patience, waited for his turn to savor the delectable ice cream cone.

Teddy, with his longing gaze fixed on the ice cream, exhibited admirable self-restraint. After a brief interlude, Shaun finally granted Teddy his coveted ice cream cone, and the furry companion wasted no time diving into the delightful treat. His enthusiasm was unmistakable, leaving no doubt that he relished every bite.

Baby girl and Husky

Even young Mia couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, eager to help Teddy enjoy his ice cream. However, her youthful exuberance got the best of her, as she couldn’t resist sneaking a lick of Teddy’s ice cream. Prompted by her parents, Mia adjusted her approach and decided to savor the cone from the bottom, while Teddy enjoyed the creamy ice cream. A playful challenge ensued as Shaun questioned who would finish their respective cones first, to which Amelia cheekily responded, “I will,” before dashing away, leaving Teddy patiently awaiting his turn to continue enjoying his ice cream.


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