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A dog consoles a 9-day-old baby who has lost his mother (VIDEO)

We can learn a lesson from the animals

Again, it’s the dog. I truly believe God gave us simple minded humans the best gift ever in a loyal and loving friend. They just love unconditionally. Rather four legs or two. 

When tragedy struck a 9-day-old foal named Tye, a compassionate dog named Zip stepped in to provide comfort and companionship. Tye’s mother [] away unexpectedly, leaving the young horse orphaned and alone. Zip, a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, immediately sensed Tye’s [di.str.ess] and took it upon himself to become the foal’s protector and friend.

Tye’s owner, Karla Swindle, was [heartbr.oken] when she discovered the mare had [] away. She knew that Tye would need extra care and attention to survive without his mother. Karla owns S & K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama, where she raises horses and other animals. She has always been passionate about her animals and their well-being. She was determined to do everything she could to help Tye through this difficult time.

Little did Karla know that her dog Zip would step up and play a crucial role in Tye’s recovery. Zip began spending time with Tye, comforting the young horse and providing a sense of security.

The friendship between Zip and Tye has not only helped the [] cope with the [lo.Ss] of his mother but has also had a positive impact on Zip. The Australian Cattle Dog had been struggling with the recent loss of his canine companion, a 16-year-old dog named Tinkerbell. His newfound friendship with Tye seemed to lift his spirits and give him a renewed sense of purpose.

Zip’s companionship has been instrumental in Tye’s recovery. The foal has been gaining weight and growing stronger every day, thanks in part to the support and encouragement he receives from his canine friend. Karla is grateful for the special bond between Zip and Tye and is confident that their friendship will continue to flourish as Tye grows into a healthy, happy horse.

Zip’s instinct to comfort and protect Tye in his time of need demonstrates the powerful bonds that can form between different species when unexpected circumstances bring them together.

A great deal of respect to this animal for the love and care shown to the young horse!
He probably will become a surrogate mom/dad for the foal outside the foal’s confines.

Animals may not be able to talk but they can sense pain , discomfort and know how to comfort other animals and humans and show love
The compassion and love they express is amazing.

They are so very caring and full of love to share. They know when someone or another animal is [].
God bless them. ??


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