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The Dog Is Saved But Too Terrified To Look At Anyone (VIDEO)

The Pup Is Too Frightened To Look At Anyone After Being Rescued

All pups are deserving of our immense love and affection, and we do our best to give them a carefree life.

Every dog owner’s duty is to protect and support our furry friends and help them grow into confident and happy canines.

Knowing that some dog owners abuse innocent and helpless creatures makes my heart sink. Instead of showering them with love, these ruthless people hurt their dogs’ feelings and put their lives in danger.

Our following story is about Suka, one of those innocent doggos who was mistreated and abused by her owner… the person who was supposed to be her protector.

Suka Lost Trust In Humans

scared rescued puppy

Just like all dogs, Suka trusted her owner and she believed that he was incapable of hurting her. Unfortunately, he was a cruel and bad human who started abusing the innocent pup.

One day, he tied her to a motorbike and heartlessly dragged her down the street. Suka was terrified, and this harrowing experience left her shivering with fear.

After being betrayed and hurt by her owner, Suka lost her trust in people.

Luckily, the kind and compassionate people who spotted Suka rushed to help her, taking her to a veterinary clinic.

From that day on, things started to change for the better.

A Ray Of Hope In Suka’s Life

a woman with gloves bathes a rescued puppy

Ever since she arrived at the clinic, she stole the hearts of her caregivers and they showered her with love and kindness.

Suka was so scared that she didn’t even look them in the eyes. She needed to learn to trust humans again.

The adorable dog received the care that she badly needed. The clinic staff gave her a nice bath, and she felt a bit better.

They cuddled her often, and reassured her that she was now safe.

Suka’s rescuers were aware that it would take some time for her to heal her physical and emotional scars, but they were sure that this brave doggo would succeed.

Gradually, Suka began recovering, and she moved to a shelter.

Discovering Love And Moving To Her Forever Home

a beautiful rescued puppy is sitting on his pillow

The shelter staff received her with outstretched arms. The pup warmed up to them, and gave them sweet kisses while wagging her tail.

The delightful pooch had an endearing way of letting her shelter friends know that she trusted them. She would put her paw in their hands, with a loving look in her eyes. They became enchanted with her.

Suka became a happy and energetic doggo. She liked playing with her toys.

Her rescuers and the shelter staff members were impressed with the brave pooch who managed to leave her past behind and learn to trust people again.

Suka was ready to search for her forever home.

Soon, the sweet dog found wonderful parents who adored her from the moment they saw her. They promised to love her and protect her forever.

I’m thrilled that Suka found a wonderful family who gave her the love and care she lacked in the past.


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