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Abandoned Portuguese Billionaires Family Mansion The Lost Palace of the Rich & Wealthy (VIDEO)

In the video that you’re about to watch, I take a trip to Portugal in order to film one of the most incredible abandoned places in the world. The Palace of the Patriarchs was previously used as a summer residence for the patriarchs of Lisbon; however, its true beginnings can be traced back to Count Burnay, who was one of the wealthiest people in Portugal at the time and refurbished the building in the 17th century.

Having begun in the year 1701 and coming to an end in the year 1734. Alterations and refurbishment work were performed on the palace in the 19th century, and then again in the 1940s, after it had been abandoned for so long.Throughout the past few years The palace is today the location of the rectory services and social acts of the Technical University of Lisbon, but it has not yet been able to catch a glimpse of hoep since it has been forgotten in time, and only explorers have come to view what is left of it. Inside The Misplaced Residence of the Powerful and Wealthy


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