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Annie is that one cute little floof. She has a purr switch that is always turned on. She even makes a purring sound as I apply ringworm treatment to her entire body.


This adorable floof is Annie. Her purr switch is permanently stuck in the on position. She even purrs when I’m rubbing her all over with ringworm treatment. She has a bit of a cold so that’s why her eyes look weepy. Swipe swipe to check out her glorious mittens ? @whiskersnpurrs said.




The kiddos have really pulled together as a team to ensure I get ringworm on my face ??‍♀️
(Annie is here too, she’s just sleeping under my legs) @whiskersnpurrs said


Annie and I have a thing. She purrs and I obsessively fuss with her paws ? @whiskersnpurrs said.


Floofy bear cub cuddles ?

These two would be very hard to tell apart if it wasn’t for Annie’s mittens (and Brandon’s gammy ear ?) @whiskersnpurrs said.


Annie Annie bo-banny
Banana fanna fo-fanny
Fee, fy, mo-manny

She’s feeling so much better after a week of antibiotics. This girl is such a sweetheart – her heart is even bigger than her mittens. She’s so soft and gentle and snuggly ? @whiskersnpurrs said.


Sometimes I get so discouraged by how long these guys have been here, and how much work they are. But then they look at me with these precious faces and I’m reminded how innocent they are. How hard the past couple months would have been for them in the conditions outside they were born into. They are so worth it. Heck, Annie’s mittens alone are worth it ? @whiskersnpurrs said.
Annie & Emma ❤️ cute cat

Foster Dad and I are going on a much needed getaway this week. My neice is coming to stay and love on everybody, so the girls are in very good hands ?? @whiskersnpurrs said.



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