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Rescuers looking for an abandoned dog discovered someone else who needed assistance.

Rescuers Who Were Looking For An Abandoned Dog Found Somebody In Need Of Help, Too 

When Hope For Paws, an animal rescue in Los Angeles, heard about a stray dog in need of help, they were on their way.

However, while driving, they noticed a little stray kitten lying underneath a car.

Rescue Mission

the woman found the kitten and is holding it in her arms

Katie McKittrick rushed out and ran over to the kitten in order to check if it was still breathing. 

Luckily, it was! Katie then picked her up and carefully brought her to the car.

With the kitten in their arms, they continued making their way over to the location where a dog was dumped out of a stopped car.

With the help of a mechanic who was working nearby, the dog was kept safe and handed over to the rescuers.

the rescuers found the dog and kept it on a leash

The dog was not in very good shape. She had patches of fur missing from her body, and it was clear that she hadn’t had a good meal in a while.

After only spending a few minutes with the rescuers, the dog trusted them completely, knowing that they were there to help.

At The Shelter

Both the dog, now named Tampleton, and the little kitten, Fren, were brought back to the shelter and were given a well-needed bath.

a woman bathes a dog in a bathtub

Unfortunately, Fren had upper respiratory issues and had to have a nasopharyngeal polyp removed in order for her to breathe easily again. 

After a longer recovery, Fren was feeling better than ever!

Forever Home

With the help of their friends at The Animal Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, Templeton managed to find a loving forever home in no time.

the dog is standing on the couch

Since Fren had to go through a recovery period, she spent more time at the shelter.

However, now that she is feeling a lot better and happier, she is also ready to find a nice and loving home that will make her feel like the best girl ever!

the rescued cat is playing


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