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Woman Feeling Tired All the Time Finds the Culprit (VIDEO)

Woman Feeling Tired All the Time Finds the Culprit

A woman with the username @susieandmollie on TikTok recently shared her interesting story with the world. Susie was feeling tired all the time, even after a good night’s sleep. It went on for weeks and she was concerned that it was a serious illness. But, before a trip to the doctor, she installed cameras in her bedroom to see what’s going on overnight.

Luckily for Susie, her fatigue wasn’t a result of an illness. It was her cat. Seriously. Every time she went into deep sleep, her cat Ginger would come and tap on her until she wakes up. The video of her cat’s nocturnal “habits” instantly went viral, making 15-year old Ginger an overnight Internet sensation


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Susie own a small business that builds showjumps. Besides Ginger and his brother Brock, she also owns two horses – Mollie and Echo. Mollie is the second part of her TikTok handle and obviously her favorite. According to Susie, Ginger’s behavior is all because he wants to cuddle. He’ll continue prodding until she’s awake, but she didn’t realize it until she installed a night vision camera.


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