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A Strange Couple’s Home Is Visited By A Sick Homeless Dog


Sick Homeless Dog Comes To A Random Couple’s House

All stray dogs dream of having a wonderful home and parents who would give them the love they have craved all their life.

As they roam the streets, the lonely canines hope to meet good humans who could help them fulfill their long-awaited wish and enable them to have a better life.

In our following story, we’ll talk about a stray pup, Turbo, who longed to find his happiness, too. After he got sick, he realized that he could no longer wait for help.

He began searching for people who could rescue him and help him find a home.

Meeting Good Humans And Asking Them For Help

dog in front of the house

One day, while he was roaming around a 200-acre property in Arkansas, he saw a family house and decided to wait at the porch. The pooch knew that the people who lived in this house were his only hope because there were no other houses in the neighborhood.

Neither Zach nor his wife, Libby, were in the house at the time. When Zach returned home, he was surprised to see an unexpected visitor sitting on the porch. 

As Zach was approaching the house, he wasn’t sure who the visitor was. When he came closer, he realized that it was a dog who was wagging his tail.

As soon as Zach saw him, he realized that he was in bad condition. 

“He was very dehydrated and he was kind of disoriented. I could tell his mobility was very compromised,” Zach said.

He immediately called Libby. The couple agreed that they couldn’t leave the dog alone. They had to help him because he had nobody else to rely on.

They brought the pup inside and gave him the bath he needed so badly.

Turbo’s Recovery

close-up photo of the homeless dog

Zach and Libby took him to the vet. They were both surprised when they found out that the dog, later named Turbo, was 8 years old. They thought he was much older. After the pooch was given the medications he needed, they took him home.

The couple’s hearts melted when they saw how grateful Turbo was. He licked their hands, giving them kisses.

The couple thought that Turbo had an owner and they wanted to help Turbo reunite with him. Libby’s mom posted Turbo’s photo on Facebook, asking if someone recognized him. Since nobody claimed the doggo, they made the decision to keep him.

photo of two dogs indoors

Zach and Libby’s other dog, Ava, didn’t really like Turbo when she met him for the first time.

“She tried to give him a lot of sass at the beginning. But then, they finally had a bit of a battle over some chew toys and they became friendly after that,” Libby said.

Zach made sure Turbo received his medication on time. The couple was delighted with his progress. He started recovering very quickly. 

Both Zach and Libby were very happy to see that he had begun running. He was able to keep up with Ava.

The Home He Dreamed Of

man and a dog on a porch

Turbo’s parents showered him with love. The pawdorable dog enjoyed the attention and the cuddles they gave him. He especially loved the belly rubs.

Both Zach and Libby found Turbo’s way of showing up in front of their house in Arkansas very charming since it reminded them of a human who booked an Airbnb.

They fell in love with the sweet doggo, and they deeply cherish him.

Knowing that Turbo found a delightful family who saved his life makes me feel overjoyed. The adorable dog finally has his forever parents who love him very much.


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