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Fearful Pit Bull Hiding In The Woods Refused To Trust People Due To His Difficult Past

Terrified Pit Bull Who Was Hiding In The Woods Refused To Trust Humans Because Of His Rough Past

The second M. Roger Massey found out about a little Pittie who was stuck in the woods, he knew he had to do something about it.

However, what he did not know was that rescuing the pup wouldn’t be so easy.

Abandoned Pup

dog under the branches

Over the course of three weeks, Roger had not only been trying to help the pup himself but had also contacted various animal rescues.

But, because the dog was not used to having company and the animal rescue wasn’t responding, Roger’s rescue mission wasn’t so successful at first.

“I take him food and water, but he will not let me get close to him. He allows my dogs to get close. He only has three legs and is visibly the victim of severe abuse and neglect,” wrote Roger on a Facebook post.

dog stuck in the forest

The frightened dog, later named Pappas, simply didn’t know what was going on.

Coming from such a dark past, Pappas probably thought that the humans were just as evil as his old owners, not knowing that they were just trying to help.

Still not giving up on the frightened pup, Roger continued contacting animal rescues while still bringing him food and water at a safe distance.

brown dog in the forest

Finally, Saving Hope Animal Rescue responded to the call and was on its way.

Rescue Mission

close up view of the brown dog

It seems that as he saw two volunteers approaching him, Pappas decided that he no longer wanted to stay in the woods.

The volunteers managed to slip a leash over his head and the poor Pittie was so tired that he wasn’t even able to fight back; rather, he just gave in.

guy petting the dog

As soon as Pappa felt the warm touch of one of his rescuers, something changed in him.

He didn’t feel threatened anymore, and this allowed him to show his true personality.

Pappas was now the sweetest little Pit Bull who just wanted to feel love and adoration, and the rescuers, along with Roger, couldn’t have been happier.

“He has the most soulful eyes and snuggles and wants to follow his human everywhere,” said the executive director of Saving Hope Animal Rescue, Lauren Anton.

New Life

dog sitting on a front seat of the car

As soon as he got to the rescue, a vet gave him a nice and thorough checkup.

Unfortunately, Pappas was diagnosed with severe arthritis and tested positive for heartworm. He started his medication and joint supplements immediately.

But he did not let this news spoil his new life!

dog laying on a bed

By becoming so irresistible, Pappas found a warm foster home in no time, where he learned all about what being loved truly felt like.

I am sure that this adorable pup will also discover the incredible love and attention that only a forever family can give, showing Pappas yet again that good people will always exist in this world.

dog with his teddy bear


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