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Pit Bull Trapped For Days In An Unoccupied School Melts Into Rescuer’s Arms

Pit Bull Trapped In An Abandoned School For Days Melts Into Rescuer’s Arms

You can’t possibly know how great companions rescue dogs are until you give your home to one!

Despite hardship, sleepless nights under the open sky, or even their traumas from the past, almost all of these four-legged furballs end up being the kindest creatures once they meet the right person.

Ollie, here is exhibit A!

This poor Pittie was trapped in an abandoned Missouri school for days, without anyone to hear his desperate cries for help.

But, even then, the last thing Ollie was losing was hope. You can just tell by the way he was peering through that window that this amazing boi was dying to meet his savior, until, one day, the savior indeed showed up!

Patiently Waiting For Days For Someone To Notice Him

a dog trapped in an abandoned school

For Donna Lochmann, the giant-hearted dog rescuer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, seeing Ollie peering through a second-story broken window was probably one of the saddest moments in her career.

He was just sitting there, hoping that someone would eventually notice his silent cries and sparkly eyes from the street. And then Donna showed up!

abandoned school

Nobody knows how he ended up being trapped in an abandoned school, but when Donna finally entered the building, she was shocked.

This Pittie was literally living on piles of trash and broken glass for days. He didn’t have proper food, water, or a comfy bed to sleep on—just empty, cold, abandoned school classrooms that were filled with garbage.

Jumping Into His Savior’s Arms

the man on the stairs wants to put a leash on the pit bull

Throughout her career, Donna has come across many doggos and dealt with different kinds of behavior. That’s why she was more than prepared for the worst-case scenario when she entered the school looking for Ollie.

She wasn’t quite sure how the dog that practically lived alone for a while would react to having a visitor, but once she approached him, Ollie’s reaction left her in shock! This kind Pittie literally melted into her arms, as if he were waiting for her to save him all this time.

a man finds an abandoned pit bull at school

“You could tell it wasn’t an aggressive stance at all. This dog ended up not having an aggressive bone in his body,” says Donna Lochmann.

He was so gentle and sweet that he even let Donna leash him without a problem. Then, this big boi surrendered to her lap and let her give him the sweetest cuddles in the world.

people rescue a dog from an abandoned school

Eventually, Donna and the rest of the team lowered him down through the window and took him to the facility for further recovery.

The great news was that Ollie ended up not having any injuries at all. He immediately fell in love with the staff and became best friends with everyone at the shelter. And the best thing of all was that he didn’t wait long until his forever family showed up!

Ollie Can’t Stop Smiling In A New Home

smiling man and woman sitting on bench with pit bull

Cassie and her partner saw Ollie’s story on social media, and they immediately knew that was the dog they wanted to adopt!

“My friend sent us the rescue video, and we immediately fell in love,” says Cassie.

You can just tell by their first meeting that the three of them were just meant to be. Ollie was over the moon to meet his new hoomans, and he turned out to be the biggest lovebug of all!

a man and a pit bull are lying on the couch in each other's arms

He adapted to his new home in no time, and now he’s having a blast with his new mom and dad! He goes for walks, shares a bed with them, receives the best belly rubs in the world, and meets new friends on a daily basis!

Once a dog living a life in an abandoned building, Ollie is now a brand-new Pittie embarking on beautiful adventures with his loving pawrents!


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