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Single family residence, 1200 square feet of Residential space right on West Virginia only for $15,000

Are you in the market for a unique space that offers both commercial and residential possibilities? Look no further! Nestled right on Route 2, this 1200 square feet property presents a world of potential for the savvy investor or ambitious homeowner.

Location Situated on the bustling Route 2, this property enjoys excellent visibility and accessibility, making it an ideal spot for commercial ventures. Whether you’re seeking a new business location or a mixed-use investment, this address is sure to draw attention.

Versatility in Every Square Foot The property’s 1200 square feet of space has previously served as a dental office, with an upstairs apartment for added flexibility. The existing layout provides a strong foundation for a range of purposes. You could continue to utilize it for healthcare or professional services, or explore the potential for an office or retail space. Alternatively, with some renovation work, you can convert the property into a residential unit, offering a cozy and convenient living space.

Endless Potential While the property boasts a history as a dental office and apartment, there’s still ample room for you to leave your mark. Renovation and customization will allow you to tailor the space to your exact needs and preferences. It’s a blank canvas waiting for your vision to take shape. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a dream or a homeowner with a vision, this space offers the opportunity to create something truly unique.

Your Call to Action If this property intrigues you, don’t hesitate. Opportunities like this don’t come around every day. Take the first step toward making it your own. Call today to schedule a viewing and discuss the potential this space holds for your future. It’s a chance to be a part of the thriving Route 2 community and bring your own creative ideas to life.

Don’t miss out on this exciting prospect. Seize the chance to transform 1200 square feet of prime real estate into your ideal commercial or residential space.

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