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When the cat in need of rescue regains his sight, he surprises the rescuers by opening his beautiful eyes.

When Carmen Morales Weinberg took in a sick and hurting cat named Cotton, she couldn’t imagine the amazing journey of recovery he would make.

Six-year-old Cotton had been living on the streets and was not only weak and starving but crippled by mange. The parasitic mites had left his face covered in scabs and robbed him of the use of his eyes.

The poor cat was completely blind and had struggled greatly with trying to feed himself without being able to see anything.

Weinberg, the founder of Animal Friends Project Inc, understood how terribly afraid and distressed he poor cat was feeling and resolved to do everything in her power to help him.

Weinberg set about getting Cotton’s weight and health back up and help him get rid of the mange.

The mites were causing him a great deal of discomfort but with the help of antibiotics, Weinberg managed to get the mange cleared up bit by bit.

Weinberg she also worked various creams into Cotton’s sore skin to further treat the mange and help ease the pain and itching.

Slowly, the combination of antibiotics, ointments, love, and care was creating a noticeable improvement in Cotton’s quality of life.

Weinberg told the Dodo: “We could just see his tense body start to relax as the days passed. He was finally able to rest without scratching so much.”

beginberg was happy that Cotton was finally feeling better, but she had no idea just how well the treatment was working.

That is until the unexpected happened: Cotton opened his eyes.

eyes for the first time, Weinberg was blown away.

Not only was she amazed that he poor little cat could still see – she’d assumed that the mange had left him blinded for life – but he had an absolutely stunning set of eyes.

Cotton’s was revealed to have heterochromia: his eyes were two different colours. One eye was a gorgeous hazel and the other a beautiful blue.

After regaining his sight, Cotton was happier than he’d ever been.

And he knew that Weinberg was the source of his newfound happiness.

Cotton would follow Weinberg around with love in his beautiful eyes, and Weinberg couldn’t help but return the love.

Though she’d originally only been meant to rehabilitate and foster Cotton, she realized that his place was with her now.

Now, Cotton has found his forever home with the woman who gave him his eyes back, and he can finally live his life happy, loved, and free of pain.


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