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(VIDEO)/ Woman adopts senior shelter dog that nobody else wanted, changes both their lives

There are very few people around the world who love to adopt senior dogs. This is one such beautiful story about an old dog who had almost spent her whole life in a shelter. A female German Shepherd, Alaska, stayed at a shelter for almost 10 years and was timid. So, when Kat Napiórkowska, Alaska’s mom, met her for the first time, the dog silently looked at her as if she was begging her to take her home. Kat could not stop herself from bringing the dog home. At first, Alaska would be scared to even walk out of the door. She would get easily startled and was scared of people.

Senior shelter dog

She would sit quietly and would not act like how dogs would act when at home. Once while Kat was giving Alaska a bath, she was so tired that she slept in the bathtub. Kat knew it was difficult for her dog to adjust to her new home. Kat knew she had to do something about Alaska’s condition and that there was no way she would ever return the dog to the shelter. So, for days on end, Kat would just stay by Alaska’s side.

Woman and adopted senior shelter dog

It did not matter even if she did not get proper sleep. She made sure that she was always around the poor soul. Kat wanted to start their relationship from scratch. Slowly and steadily, Alaska learned new things about life and got better, but the process needed patience. Finally, one day Alaska understood what freedom and true happiness feel like. She is now living happily with her loving owner.


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