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With It’s Own Castle, Scottish Island Yours For $112,000

Those looking for some solitude after a trying year may want to consider visiting this isolated Scottish island. It is for sale. And what about the low auction estimate? $112, 000!

Deer Island, which is around 11 acres in size, is located in the scenic Loch Moidart on the West Coast. It is located near Fort William and Ben Nevis and is also known as Eilean an Fheidh.

The sale is described by Future Property Auctions as a “unique opportunity to acquire an area that may be enjoyed with zero possibility of interference.” The island is said to have no bedrooms.

Country Living broadens the reader’s perspective by describing the property as having “quite stunning rural vistas, plenty of local animals, natural swimming holes, and plenty of potential to be developed into a family home.”

Located in Loch Moidart, the island is a rather unique piece of land to own. Image credit: Future Property Auctions.

According to CNN, that fauna includes red squirrels and seals. However, if people wait long enough, they will see a dolphin.

Vanessa Branson, Richard’s sister, owns the neighboring island of Eilean Shona. According to property manager Stephen McCluskey, the larger land mass is a popular resort for many celebrities. However, using binoculars to observe them is not recommended.

What type of individual would bid on or purchase this attractive, yet isolated, location? If someone only wants to buy the land, they could do a lot worse in terms of investment. According to Metro, Deer Island is for sale for the same amount as a London garage.

It had been in the hands of the Clanranald of Moidart for generations. According to Country Living, this is no longer the case. However, the historic dynasty dates back to the 14th century and is guaranteed to pique the interest of bettors.

According to, they “supported feudal justice” like other clans, while leaders “indulged in lawlessness, deceit, tyranny, revolt, barbarity, antagonism, robbery, and looting, as well as sacrilege and murder.” Everything is extremely Game of Thrones!

The descendants of Deer Island are likely to have more modest goals in mind, albeit powered by a vast financial balance.

CNN quotes McCluskey as saying that interested parties include “someone who wants somewhere to park their yacht” and “another person who wants to use it as a base for kayaking.”

Whoever wins the auction will have to start over. The island is devoid of homes and essential necessities such as electricity.

Deer Island is currently barren of any infrastructure, so while the asking price is rather cheap, it’ll need an owner with deep pockets if they want to stay on the island in any comfort. Image credit: Future Property Auctions

Nonetheless, with the world becoming increasingly congested, people with significant money are resorting to exclusive escapes. If none are available, why not create one on a geographical blank canvas?

CNN claims there is an increase in demand for such resorts. Little Ragged Island, a deceptively titled portion of the Bahamas, was on the flashier side. A cool $19.5 million is required to get a foot in the door. Or, at the very least, on the beach.

The narrative of Horse Island is also covered by the publication. This Atlantic-facing property off the coast of Ireland was sold for $6 million. Surprisingly, business was done over WhatsApp. It’s probable that special preparations would be required to get a signal over there.

Castle Tioram is another remarkable historical site close to Deer Island. The remains serve as a reminder of Scotland’s colorful past. The castle was right in the middle of events like the Jacobite Rising. The newly formed British throne became a target of the Stuarts, who sought to reclaim control after being exiled.

Within sight of Deer Island is this magnificent castle, built some time between the 12th and 14th centuries. Image credit: Iain Simpson CC BY-SA 2.0

Potential islanders have until March 26th to make a decision. Future Property Auctions’ “Timed Online Auction” is now online, complete with its own countdown for added drama.
Owning an island may appear to be a privilege reserved for the rich. It goes without saying that maintaining and transforming a destination like Deer Island costs a lot of money.


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