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(VIDEO)/ Obese dog gets fit and can’t stop smiling

Bertha, the pleasantly plump Beagle-Pug mix, had a chance encounter with a guardian angel of sorts. That guardian angel came in the form of Meredith Wille, a compassionate canine rehabilitation practitioner and a dedicated fitness trainer. Together, they embarked on an incredible journey of transformation, turning Bertha from an overweight, immobile pup into a healthy, joyful dog with an ever-present smile. When Meredith first met Bertha, she was confronted with the stark reality of the situation. The scales revealed a staggering 63 pounds for a dog of Bertha’s size. It was evident that the excess weight had taken a toll on her mobility, making it challenging for her to walk and engage in regular doggy activities. Despite the daunting task ahead, Meredith’s unwavering determination and love for Bertha left no room for hopelessness.

Seeing the potential in Bertha’s eyes, Meredith decided to take her under her wing. Bertha found herself a new home with Meredith, who was already smitten with the charming Beagle-Pug mix. The journey to shed those extra pounds and regain a healthy lifestyle commenced.

Dog smiling

Meredith, a seasoned fitness trainer, crafted a meticulous weight loss program for Bertha. The plan included calorie counting, exercise, and a great deal of patience. The journey wasn’t going to be easy, but Meredith was committed to making it happen. The transformation began with a week of careful monitoring and a focus on dietary changes. It was evident from the very beginning that Bertha needed a lot of support to even start her fitness journey. She couldn’t walk properly, let alone embark on intense exercise routines like other dogs. But Meredith was undeterred. Her deep affection for Bertha fueled her determination to give her a second chance at a healthier, happier life. One of the first milestones in Bertha’s weight loss journey was the introduction of an underwater treadmill. Although it may have seemed like a daunting challenge for the rotund pup, Bertha was slowly guided into the water. Her first steps on the treadmill were tentative, and she struggled to keep up the pace, wanting to give up after a mere five steps. Bertha’s journey was, without a doubt, a daunting one. The simplest of activities that other dogs took for granted had become arduous tasks for her. Instead of playing or enjoying exercise, she often opted for a nap. Meredith needed to get creative to motivate Bertha to exercise. One of the innovative solutions was to fill up a tank and encourage Bertha to swim—a form of exercise that was less taxing on her body yet incredibly effective.

Over time, Meredith’s dedication began to yield results. Bertha’s progress was slow, but it was progress nonetheless. Through several attempts, Meredith coaxed Bertha into walking on the treadmill for short periods. Two minutes of exercise might seem insignificant to some, but for Bertha, it was a major accomplishment. It was a testament to her growing strength and determination, as well as Meredith’s unwavering support. For Meredith, the joy of seeing Bertha engage in simple, everyday doggy activities was unparalleled. When Bertha first arrived in her life, she couldn’t partake in these normal routines. Watching Bertha’s transformation from an obese, immobile pup to a lean, spirited companion was a source of immense pride for Meredith.

After diligent efforts, Bertha’s journey toward a healthier weight culminated in success. She now tips the scales at 29.6 pounds, a remarkable achievement for both Bertha and her loving mom, Meredith. This incredible transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the unyielding love, dedication, and patience that Meredith poured into Bertha’s life. Today, Bertha lives her best days, radiating joy, health, and vitality. She’s not just a testament to the power of love and determination but also a living reminder that with the right support, even the most challenging journeys can have a happy ending. Bertha’s story is a shining example of how a second chance and unwavering love can lead to a brighter, healthier future.


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