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A man reunites a young fawn that collapsed in the middle of the road with its mother (VIDEO)

Not all heroes wear capes

This is so awesome! You must be a very kind and animal-loving person!

When this group of friends came across a baby fawn that was just lying in the middle of the road, they just pulled over and did the sweetest thing. Steve Knopp was with his buddies, driving through a wooded area, when he spotted the tiny creature.

The fawn was completely motionless, and the men had no way of knowing whether she was still alive or not. Still, he couldn’t just drive by and ignore the fawn.
Instead, one of Steve’s friends, Paul, stepped down from the car and approached the confused fawn. As he got closer, the man realized the [po.or] animal was still breathing.

He even inspected it, and the baby deer had no visible signs of injuries, so Paul knew it was just [exh.austed and very serious]. Then he realized the little one’s mom was actually watching from the forest.
It’s when Paul has gently grabbed the fawn and taken it to safety on the side of the road. Shortly after, the concerned mother approached her baby, and the two reunited. All thanks go to this good man.

Hero…! A real man saves, cherishes, and helps the weak and vulnerable!

That is the kindest, sweetest thing you did for this baby fawn; it could have gotten run over by [traffic and].

Thanks so much for your help and support in getting this fawn back to it’s mother. So sweet.!

What a Beautiful caring thing to do saving this Baby Fawn and safely back with Mum!

What he did was such an act of compassion and love.

Watch the heartwarming rescue video below:


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