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Griffith Park Zoo: Unearthing the Forgotten History of Los Angeles’ Abandoned Menagerie

Tucked away within the sprawling Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California, lies a hidden gem that encapsulates a forgotten chapter in the city’s history—the Griffith Park Zoo. Today, it stands as a haunting and fascinating relic, serving as a testament to the city’s growth and evolution. In this article, we will explore the history, rise, and fall of the Griffith Park Zoo and its transformation into a unique urban ruin. The Griffith Park Zoo, originally known as the Los Angeles Zoo, opened its doors in 1912, making it one of the first zoos in Los Angeles. The zoo began with a modest collection of animals, including ostriches, monkeys, and a lone female elephant named Miss Kink. Over the years, the zoo expanded and added more exotic species, attracting visitors from all over Southern California. It was a popular family destination, known for its diverse animal exhibits and lush landscapes.

Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park: An Abandoned Zoo - California Through My Lens

As Los Angeles continued to expand and urbanize, the Griffith Park Zoo faced increasing challenges. The zoo’s location in a narrow canyon proved inadequate for expansion, and the enclosures became outdated and cramped. In the 1950s, concerns about animal welfare and modern zoo standards prompted the city to build a new, larger facility, the Los Angeles Zoo, in a different part of Griffith Park. The Griffith Park Zoo, while still operational, faced criticisms and declining attendance. Eventually, in 1966, the animals were relocated to the new zoo, and the old facility was left abandoned, with its enclosures, cages, and infrastructure largely intact.

Griffith Park Zoo — The Great World Zoo That Never Was (1912-1966) |  Friends of Griffith Park

After its closure, the Griffith Park Zoo underwent a unique transformation. Instead of being demolished, it was left to nature and the elements. Over time, the zoo’s enclosures and walkways became overgrown with vegetation, creating an eerie, post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Urban explorers, photographers, and artists soon discovered the abandoned zoo, making it a subject of fascination and inspiration. The juxtaposition of decaying animal enclosures with the lush, encroaching wilderness added to the allure of the site. As the years passed, the Griffith Park Zoo gained popularity as an offbeat, open-air museum of urban decay.

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In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve and interpret the Griffith Park Zoo’s history. The Old Zoo Picnic Area offers visitors an opportunity to explore the site and learn about its past through informational panels. There are also occasional guided tours, providing a deeper understanding of the site’s significance. The Griffith Park Zoo serves as a reminder of the city’s commitment to evolving standards in animal care, as well as its ongoing dedication to preserving its historical sites. The Griffith Park Zoo, nestled within the heart of Los Angeles, embodies the city’s ever-evolving character. It began as a pioneering animal exhibit, only to be outgrown and abandoned, ultimately reborn as a captivating urban ruin. Today, it stands as a testament to the changing values and tastes of Los Angeles residents and a unique slice of the city’s history, waiting to be explored and appreciated by visitors who are curious about its past.

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